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Monday, May 22, 2017

Why do you think readers should come to your blog and leave comments?

Do you desire to have readers come to your blog and interact? I believe that this is the desire of many bloggers and I share the same feelings too.

Why do you think readers should come to your blog and leave comments?

Why do you think readers should come to your blog and leave comments?

But your desires does not matter at this moment, the main task is how you can do it.

If you want readers to come to your blog and return the following day, you need to do something special.

It is just like CNN, I want to believe that this news site have more direct visitors than they get from search engines.

You want to know why, it is because this company is a well established brand in news reporting so visitors have no other option but to memorize their domain name and visit directly from their browsers when in search current news.

Now how does this affect our topic of discussion?

It does in so many ways because if you want these types of visitors in your blog, you must be willing to establish yourself in your niche.

You must write quality and write enough of it. Your blog contents must change their lives in so many ways.

You must be willing to educate, teach and inspire them. They must see you as a credible source of the information you are passing.

If you are not doing something unique and different in your blog, I don’t think that you will be able to make the mark you desire in the blogging world.

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So you want comments and interaction in your blog right? Well be will to help your visitors and see your traffic as individuals and not just some numbers of hits and page views.

They came to your site because you promised to help them solve their problem. So you should be good at delivering your promises by the time they hit your blog and not allow the time spent on your blog to be a worst waste of time for them.

This is my opinion and I hope you learn something.

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