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Monday, May 22, 2017

Writing is not the only way to blog – other ways to reach an online audience

When we talk about blogging, you need to understand that writing and publishing on your blog is not the only way to go about it.

Videos can podcasts can increase blog influence on readers

Videos can podcasts can increase blog influence on readers

There are other ways you can create your own online social media platform.

Apart from writing contents, there are also videos and creating podcasts. The traffic you can get from Youtube is immeasurable if you apply the right technique.

Blogging is about building an online audience and reading is not the only way people like to seek for information.

Take myself for instance; if I am seeking for information that I know will have to do with lots of descriptions, I opt for Youtube.

Imagine how billions of people are visiting this site on daily basis to watch videos that please them. You can reach an entirely new set of audience on this site.

Publishing podcasts and embedded Youtube videos on your blog gives your site an extension because after giving readers your write-ups, you also provide for them something to look at and listen to.

Some people prefer audio ebooks to the written contents themselves why some prefer you to have a video of what you are talking about.

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Reaching out to these set of audience can indeed grow your blog and get you the loyal readers you desire.

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