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Monday, May 22, 2017

You should give away all your secrets in your blog post

Why you should teach free of charge in your blog

You want to build a credible blog that gets found and shared easily, then you should be making an impact in every blog posts that you publish.

Questions asked by aspiring bloggers

Questions asked by aspiring bloggers

Blogging is most times about informing and teaching people what they don’t know about. This means that when you promise to help someone solve their problems if they should visit your blog, you should deliver on that promise.

Delivering on that promise means that you will have to teach them your secrets to success and that means all of it.

When you really teach someone how to solve a certain problem, you make yourself invaluable to their lives. What you say is what they would believe and that is how you get loyal customers and readers.

Some people let out a few of what they know and sell the rest at a premium price well it works for some readers but not all of them.

There are so many free softwares made available to the internet world that are worth millions if not billions of dollars. The developers know that making it free is the best way to achieve the millionaire status faster. The product you made free is not the most valuable asset, you that own the knowledge is the valuable asset and you know that in the business world brand is much more expensive than the asset itself.

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I am talking about the business aspect of letting the information you share on your blog to be free so that you teach your readers and visitors.

If you are able to achieve this, then you will be branding yourself a credible source of the information you pass and that is where the real value is.

Let me know what you think.

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