About Us

Ejike info was launched in 2014 to provide information that will be of help to its users. There are lots of information out there especially with guides and reviews of the products we use in our everyday lives.

Some of the guides and reviews make promises that can’t be kept while some others carry our actual trials of products they review.

In this post we are list some of the best products and brands in each category and we do not promise that we’ve tried all of them.

However, our lists are selected based on working algorithms of the most preferred by buying users.

Most of the products we list in this site are from Amazon because they have great return policy.

Why we will do our best to list products we believe are the best, you also have the option of having them returned if they don’t meet your standards.

That said, no review site can provide you 100% guarantee of the quality of any product they’ve reviewed even if they’ve tried it themselves.

Sometimes, the type of product they tested might not the exact type that gets shipped to you.

Some sellers ship to them quality products to get reviews and sales. What gets to buyers might be the same or not.

What we are trying to tell you is this – we will do our best to give you the best here in this site.

The decision not to return the product after it gets delivered to you is yours to make. This is most times dependent on the ordered product meeting up to your speculation and expectation.

We do hope you find what you are looking for in our review site.