Abrasive Personality Traits And Characteristics 

What are the character traits of an abrasive personality?

What does it mean to be called abrasive?

To better understand an abrasive person, have it in mind that these people are as direct as you can get. They are most times seen as harsh because of their inability to consider someone’s feelings when expressing themselves.

Always on a mission and will do anything to achieve their aim.

There are the pros and cons of being abrasive.

Though not a perfect personality, when properly directed, one can help them make the most out of their potential.

There are certain qualities you see in abrasive people and we will take a detailed look at them in this post.

Without much ado, let us dive in.

Character Traits of an Abrasive Personality

  1. Very Motivated

People with an abrasive personality are as motivated as you can get. Their view of life is not only unique but drives them to take action and put things in place as they view it right.

This desire to get things done by all means necessary is the reason why they can apply any trick to get it done. They are outspoken. So be prepared for some truth if you are around an abrasive person.

  1. Honest and Direct

Abrasive people are very direct and honest. Keeping the truth from you is not something they are good at. Postponing the truth for later is also not something they consider to be right.

Should any event take place in their presence, in their quest to get things right, they say it as it is whether it suits you or not. If you have an abrasive friend, do not expect to have your emotions considered when he or she wants to talk to you. Just prepare to get it as it is.

  1. Often Seen as Rude
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Because they are direct and honest, people with an abrasive personality are often seen as being rude. Maybe it is not intended but that is who they are.

Wisdom dictates that you consider situations around you in a dicey situation before saying things, especially in a conflict situation.

With an abrasive personality, no emotion or situation is considered. They come out as direct as they can not minding if they are hurting someone’s feelings or not.

  1. Can be Manipulative

Being direct is not only visible in their ability to say the truth, it is also visible in their drive to get things done right. They are always motivated to get things done and if an abrasive person needs to be manipulative to get things done, he would do it.

Whether for their personal goals or for the good of others, it doesn’t matter. What they need is just to get things done their own way

  1. A Commanding And Dominating Presence

It can be quite difficult to ignore an abrasive personality because they know how to make their presence known and felt. Their outspokenness is another reason why it is difficult to ignore them.

Being opinionated people, you want to watch out for them in a community especially if you are a leader. Handling them with care is important because they can make be quick to point out your weaknesses and incapabilities as a leader.

  1. They Make People Feel Uncomfortable

People with traits of an abrasive personality know how to make people around them feel uncomfortable. They are incapable of controlling their emotions or finetuning their statements. 

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You get uncomfortable around people like this because you don’t know the next thing they might say. Even when it is said, they might hurt your feelings without apologizing.

To them, it is just their 2 cents. 

  1. They Lack Empathy

This is obvious, an abrasive personality lacks the empathy to consider what he says and how it affects you. He doesn’t care if you are hurt or not. And do not expect an apology especially when he believes he is saying the truth.

  1. They Only See Things in Black and White

Another reason why abrasive people are direct is that they see things in black and white. There is no grey area or sensitive aspect of any situation that should be considered.

This inability to reconsider all aspects of a situation is why they are direct in their statements. It is or it is not. There are no maybes.

  1. They are Impatient and Pushy

Another character trait of an abrasive personality is that they don’t have the patience to consider other options or consider the grey areas of the situation he or she is involved in.

They push to make things right and get it done as fast as possible. This drives their outspokenness and causes them to consider manipulative measures if that is what it takes to get it done.

  1. Ignores Rules

People with an abrasive personality do not obey rules or observe protocols. They don’t need permission to speak in a meeting and they don’t have that patience to allow the dicey areas to be sorted out.

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This is why they can say anything according to their own view not minding how it affects anyone.

Causes of Abrasiveness

  1. Family Background

The first major suspect when someone shows abrasive personality tendencies is the family background. The family settings a person grows up in can cause them to be abrasive. Especially when it has become obvious that they have to do whatever it takes to get what they want.

  1. Personality disorder

On the other hand, someone might develop an abrasive personality because he or she has a personality disorder. The most important thing for them is to achieve what they set their minds on which is why they don’t mind manipulating someone for that.

Counseling is a good way to help an abrasive person, it is all about getting them to talk and giving them their space when it seems like they are withdrawing from you. 

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