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Here at we do our best to help our readers succeed and find the answers they are looking for in their career, business and personal life.

This is our job and I believe we deserve to earn some income from our efforts so we can continue paying our staffs, site host and of course put food on the table.

This is why we are letting our readers know about affiliate links in this blog.

Sometimes in this blog we recommend products we think will help you achieve your aims in life. We link to these products or their company websites using what is known as affiliate links.

In other words, if you end up buying any of their products or subscribe to any of their services, we get a commission from these vendors as a small “Thank You”.

Sometimes these commissions range from a few cents to a few dollars. Sometimes it might be a one-time commission and for some it is a monthly rolling commission. This is in a situation where you sign up for their monthly subscription services – we get a slice of that monthly fee.

But here are two important things you need to know about these referrals – we will always refer products that will be of great help to you and the referral fee we get doesn’t cost you an extra penny.

The entire commission we get comes from the vendor’s pocket and not yours.

We will not refer products that will not add value to your life or business because that will become a great disservice on our part.

If a product begins to lose its value to our readers, we take the link off our site for integrity purposes. (Please feel free to contact us if you have any complain about any product or services)

So if you see a link to products and services that might require any form of payment from you, just know that it might or might not be an affiliate link because not all links to paid sites in this blog are affiliate partners.

Whether we get a commission or not, the links in this site are aimed at helping you – that is the primary purpose.

So we good?

Thanks for understanding.