Automotive industry: Audi leads the way in recycling manufacturing materials

Audi and some partners have embarked on a material recovery project, this ecological idea can revolutionize the automotive industry. 

Steel, aluminium, glass, plastic, at the Ingolstadt brand, nothing is lost, everything is transformed. 

And the recovered materials are already used in some models of the ring builder.

Audi’s Materialloop project: Kesako?

Many manufacturers are moving towards recycling materials used in the automotive industry. 

The Materialloop project brings together 15 companies working together to reuse end-of-life materials. Due to the declining quality of recycled materials, reused products such as steel are only used in construction. 

But the brand with the rings seems to have found a way to remedy this problem. This pilot project will come to an end in April 2023.

Recycling steel and glass

100 end-of-life cars, including test cars, were stripped to reuse materials such as plastic and steel. The metals were separated and crushed and then melted down. 

The metal thus obtained was worked and recycled for the manufacture of new models. From now on, this metal is used for the design of the doors of the new A4. 

The Ingolstadt builder is also interested in recycling windows, by melting glass aggregates. The resulting glass already equips the Audi Q4 e-Tron.

Audi reuses aluminum parts from old models as well as plastic

Since 2017, Volkswagen, Audi and aluminum suppliers have worked together to recycle scrap metal. 

The Bavarian firm also plans to reuse parts from end-of-life models to source aluminum. 

In addition, the cooperation of Audi and LyondellBasell, a plastics manufacturer, has made it possible to recycle old plastics through a chemical method. 

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The material thus obtained is used in the design of the new Q8 e-Tron, which will undoubtedly incorporate a plastic interior.

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