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14 Canned Food Survivalist Can Store For Years In Case Of A Crisis

14 Canned Food Survivalist Can Store For Years In Case Of A Crisis

14 Canned Food Survivalist Can Store For Years In Case Of A Crisis

There is reason why preppers stockpile canned foods and most times it is simply because these foods can hold up for years without losing quality.

They are also easy to prepare most of which do not need nothing more than a quick warming in other to make food available.

So the simple reasons are, they are easy to store,   you don’t need extra preparation to have them stored for a long time.

There are lots of staple foods to choose from and you can find them in large quantities in prepper’s stores.

Eating these canned foods on a daily basis can get boring but if you wish to add some variety to your diet then read on because you have 14 of the best canned foods you can store and survive on during food crisis.

  1. Bread

Yes they are canned bread and they come in different varieties. Even though you have the option of storing raw ingredients that can be used in making bread, canned bread are known to taste better and can quickly fill your belly while getting some carbohydrates into your system.

You can find different brands online if you wish to buy some.

Check out this canned bread on Amazon

  1.  Butter

If you love butter because they makeup part of your daily meal, then you can have them stored in canned form.

There are few brands of canned butter available and they can be quite pricey if they’re not packaged in United States.

But the prices are not the source of worry because during desperate times you need healthy source of fat in your body.

If you need a less expensive can’t button you can opt for the powdered form.

See the best selling canned butter

  1. Pudding

Canned pudding is most times found in Europe but you can also find them in stores in the United States.

It is very possible to find your favorite type of pudding in canned form and you can order them online.

Check out these canned pudding

  1.  Cake

Generally referred to as dessert by Europeans, you can only get canned Spotted Dick made by Simpsons.

It is essentially sponge cake with spices and raisins.  Though it might not seem like the regular cake you go for in your everyday life, but I bet they will be very important in any food crisis situation.

See this canned cake by Simpsons

  1.  Bacon

I know this is not the favorite of a lot of people but bacon in canned form that can be stored for a long time.

It is salty, fancy and flavorful which you can add as a twist to boring foods. You don’t need much to cook it and transform it into a soup or powdered eggs.

See this canned bacon

  1.  Cheese

Making cheese at home might not be difficult but during desperate times coming about the raw materials that can be used to make it might prove to be challenging.

So it might seem like a wise idea to have it stored in canned form.  They provide a good source of fat on flavor and can be worth the while addition to your pantry.

See this canned cheese

  1.  Hamburger

Yes they are canned versions of hamburger you can buy online and in most stores.  They’re even preseason canned hamburger products available like the taco meat by Yoders.

See this canned hamburger

  1. Whole chicken

This is another great source of meat like this Sweet Sue brand that have whole chicken canned with the gelatin and fat well preserved allowing you make a fantastic chicken soup.

See this canned whole chicken

  1.  Sandwiches

They are canned sandwiches known as Candwich and are made available in different flavors which you can find in various stores and order online too.

They are perfect for on-the-go eating.

See this canned sandwich

  1.  Potato salad

I don’t think most people knew that this delicious picnic is also available in canned form.  And if you never knew, now you know.

Canned potato salad will be a good way to add little flavor to your stockpile and it can be eaten warm or chilled making it a more versatile dish than you can possibly realize.

See this canned potato salad

  1.   Tamales

All you have to do is heat this canned tamales up add some fresh vegetables or cheese and they are ready to be eaten.

They provide a readymade food in a solid form which can have a solid psychological effect on you during food crisis.

It feels good to know that you have a canned food that can provide you the same balance and satisfaction.

See this canned tamales

  1.  Cheeseburger

They are made in Switzerland and can be quite expensive and for some people they are seen as impractical.

But this does not take away the fact that they can come in handy during shortage of food. All you have to do is boil the whole can and open up for a tasty food.

See this one

  1. Escargot

This is for those that love to have seafood as part of their prep stockpile.  Apart from escargot, you have other options like canned shellfish and canned lobsters that come in can’t form and can be stored long term.

See this canned escargot

  1. Duck Confit

This is a popular canned food stored in France even though canned duck with fat doesn’t seem like a popular food in United States.

However, the high fat content can become a worthy food in a situation of food crisis.  It is great for soups and stews and add a unique taste that you won’t find orphan in the world of country.

See this canned duck confit

No matter how your prepping goes, you also have to consider that they are unconventional means for you to store food and canned food happens to be one of them.

At least with these different kinds food, you have the option of spicing up your stockpile to give you that variety that can taste better and keep you healthy.

Besides, having various sources of food and varieties to wet your taste bud can help your psychological health during crisis.

It feels good to know that you have more than one source of food to depend on when there is food crisis.

As you order your canned food, be sure that you store them properly and rotate your stuff as necessary.


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