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The Best Travel Neck Pillow For Middle Seat Flights

We have different reasons why we book certain seats on a plane when we want to fly. Some people prefer the window seats while some prefer the middle or outer seats.

All seat positions have a travel pillow that is best suited for them so a user can be comfortable on that seat. In this post we are recommending the best travel neck pillow for middle seat flyers on an airplane.

Talking about middle seats, we know that booking this seat means you are flying economy class and that factors itself into our topic of discussion today.

Air travel for me is one uncomfortable way to travel. This is most times a case of flying economy class seats.

Their seats are so close to each other and there is almost no space to move. If you are side sleeper on a long haul flight in an economy class seat, then your trip just got really uncomfortable.

Middle seats on an economy class booking means that without travel neck pillow, you might wake to see you’ve been sleeping on your neighbor’s shoulder all this while.

Some of them might understand but some others might find this disturbing or embarrassing. This is more reason why you need a travel pillow that will support your neck properly if you are flying on a middle seat in an economy class flight.

Without wasting much of your time, the travel neck pillow that we will recommend to  you in this post is this Trtl Neck Pillow.

You can check it out on Amazon if you don’t have time to read to the end of this post. But if you continue, then you will learn more while this neck pillow is the best for middle seat flyers.

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Why This Travel Neck Pillow Is Best For Middle Seats Flyers

There are lots of travel pillows in the market. Searching for one on Amazon and thousands of options will be presented to you.

Without proper guides and reviews like this one, choosing one will become a challenge for you. You don’t want to get confused choosing a travel pillow that is meant for window sleepers if you booked a middle seat.

Since we have recommended Trtl neck pillow for you, you shall learn why and how it can best serve you all through your journey.

  • Proper Neck Support
  • Easy to maintain and durable
  • Helps you fall asleep faster
  • #1 Best Seller
  • Reduce snoring and sleep apnea
  • Eases General stress of long travel
  • Easily recover from jet lags
  • Lightweight

Proper Neck Support:

When you are on a middle seat, without proper neck support, you might find yourself nodding off onto your neighbor or waking up to find out you have been sleeping on your neighbor’s shoulder for hours.

Some people might understand but others might find it disturbing or embarrassing. You want a travel pillow that will keep you in an upright posture and will help in preventing stiff neck, aches and pains that comes with bad sleep posture.

This function is what Trtl pillow can carry out for you effectively and properly.

Easy To Maintain And Durable

The durability of Trtl pillow is never in question because unlike most travel pillows that are made with foam, you don’t have to worry about a your trael pillow losing resilience over a period of time.

It is also easy to maintain and keep clean because the scarf used in wrapping it can be removed and it is machine washable.

Helps You Fall Asleep Faster

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One of the reasons why I bought this travel pillow was that someone wrote in a review how it helps her fall asleep and remain asleep for as long as possible.

And yes, it also helped me fall asleep when I started using it. If I am on a long haul flight, in a middle seat, that will last for more than ten hours, I make use of this LUNA Natural Sleep Aid and my Trtl travel pillow and I find myself sleeping all through the trip or most part of it.

I love my sleep aid because it is natural and non-habit forming so I don’t have to worry about getting addicted to it and depending on pills to sleep normally.

You don’t need a travel pillow that will only becomes useful when you fall asleep, if you cant sleep then nothing happens. You need a pillow that can help you sleep and pass time if you are yet to reach your destination.

#1 Best Seller

If you need more inspiration as to why this pillow will better support you in a middle seat, then how about buying a travel pillow that is a #1 best seller on Amazon.

At least you have to live up to expectation and deliver on your promises to make it to the top of the chart.

You get an idea of what this pillow can offer to your trip by reading other people’s personal experience with this travel companion.

There are more than five thousand reviews there to be prepared for a long read. I am yet to see a travel pillow that packs so many reviews about its ability to support travelers’ neck properly.

Reduce Snoring And Sleep Apnea

If you know someone that snores while sleeping or suffering from sleep apnea and want to travel, Trtl neck pillow will be one of the best gift you can give to this person.

Snoring sometimes can be avoided with a healthy sleep posture. With a travel pillow that keeps you in an upright posture, you are sure to deal with any form of obstruction of your air pathway which can lead to snoring.

When you snore, you can make an already long and uncomfortable journey to become unbearable for your neighbors.

Eases General Stress Of Long Travel:

You don’t want to board a plan on an international flight without proper preparations on how to stay comfortable on a long haul flight.

The level of pain and discomfort you will experience during and after the journey will leave you stressed physically, emotionally and mentally.

But with a travel neck pillow that can help you fall asleep and help you stay rested as a course of the journey, I am sure that you don’t get stressed as much as you would if you had travelled without it.

Easily Recover From Jet Lags

I read about this capability first on Amazon in one of its reviews; I never thought that a pillow has the capability to help travelers overcome this sleep disorder.

But after buying mine and using it for a couple of flights, I noticed that overcoming jet lags have become quite easy for me.


It doesn’t matter if you book a window seat or a middle seat, you don’t want a travel neck pillow that feels like you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulder.

I have seen more expensive travel pillows that have users complaining that they feel like it was choking them.

Trtl neck pillow is renowned for its lightweight and ability to provide quality support. If this feature is one you admire in a travel pillow, then this one you should go for.

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