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Is There A Difference Between Tap And Bottled Water?

Is There A Difference Between Tap And Bottled Water?

What is the difference between tap water and bottled water?

Which is safer to drink between both tap and bottled water?

These are questions people ask because our health is something we should consider greatly with regards to the water we ingest.

First of all, both water sources are safe for consumption because they are adequately regulated in the United States.

Tap water is regulated by the EPA to keep it up to standard while bottled water is regulated by FDA.

Adequate safety measures are put in place before tap water is leaves its treatment plants and reaches consumers at home.

While water bottled is being regulated, the standard and safety of the water after it has been bottled is not checked.

So because we are told that both are safe to drink doesn’t actually make both healthy to drink in some sense.

What You Need To Understand About Both Sources Of Water

Virtually all sources of water have one form of unhealthy contaminant or the other.

Over the years, our mindsets have been conditioned by the bombardment of ads and commercials placed by savvy companies making us believe that bottled water is safer and healthier to drink than our regular tap water.

But you should know that this is untrue in most cases.

There is no proven evidence or study that proves that bottle water is healthier and safer to drink than tap water.

As a matter of fact, with regards to unsafe contaminants that is found in water, there is a great difference between tap water and bottled water.

As a matter of fact, certain brands of bottled water have been known to have more contaminants than tap water. This is as a result of harmful chemicals that come with plastic bottles.

What scientific research has been able to prove is that most plastic bottles leach chemicals into water.

Pthalates is one chemical that has been known to cause liver problems and reproductive disorders. This same chemical is being used by plastic companies to soften plastic and it leaches into water.

Phatalates and other synthetic chemicals used in making plastic bottles have also been known to increase the risk of cancer.

This is why it is not advisable drink bottled water that has been exposed to sunlight or has been in a car on a hot day.

I strongly believe that bottled water is just an expensive tap water and if I can purify my tap water more, then it will be a better option for me than bottled water.

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How Can I Make My Tap Water Clean And Drinkable?

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It doesn’t matter how much we write about how tap water is better in terms of health and safety, some people will still find it hard to believe that their much expensive bottled water is a waste of their money.

Some people want to drink their tap water but it is either the water doesn’t taste good to them or they still have fears of contaminants and want a better means of purification.

Well, how about I provide you better means of filtering your water making it clean and drinkable.

If this is your wish then you should check out these three filtration gadgets:

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While I believe that tap water has less contaminant than bottled water, there is need to apply caution and safety so as to ensure that we are ingestion a pure substance or something that is at least 98% free of bacteria, toxic wastes and chemicals.

There are lots of home filters that you can use to keep your water clean and hundreds of them that you can order online. One of them is by making use of this Brita 10 Cup Everyday Water Pitcher ordering it online gets it delivered with one free filter that I can use for weeks. That said,  you can order Brita Longlast Replacement Filters for Pitchers and Dispensers along with it.

With both you are sure to have access to clean water for more than 900 gallons of water depending on how much you consume water. For some people these two combination can last for months.

But if you want a filtration process that is more technologically advanced, then the third option which is the iSpring high capacity filter will work best for you.

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When installed under your sink, you are sure to have a tap water that is toxic, bacterial and chemical free for as long as its filters are in place.

Possible water contaminants are known to be in their thousands and you can never be too careful.

iSpring filter can deal with 99% of all of them including lead (removes up to 98% of lead), chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, hormones, asbestos, calcium, sodium, bacteria, giardia, viruses and more.

A best seller on Amazon with hundreds of positive review coupled with its gold ranking, I see no reason not to have one in my home and I suggest you do the same.

Finally On The Difference Between Tap Water And Bottled Water

Mind you that the bottled water you drink is tap water that has undergone its own filtration process in the factory of production.

So if you think that there is something special about bottled water you will be wrong, you are just drinking bottled tap water from another source.

As a matter of fact, that some tap water is at risk of being contaminated with leached chemicals used in manufacturing the plastic.

If it makes you feel better, regulation of bottled water companies are less strict than that of tap water.

That is to say that tap water has more safety and health guaranty in terms of cleanliness and drinkability than the so much hyped bottled water.

Just to be sure, if your tap water doesn’t taste right or you fear contamination because you can’t shake off the fact that it is better, then applying the filtration devices recommended to you in this post should help you keep your tap water clean and drinkable.

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