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During Food Crisis How Do You Handle Hungry And Desperate Beggars?

When there’s food crisis and everything goes, protecting your stockpile can become a matter of life and death most of the time.

You have to survive and if you a have family to feed, then it means more mouth to feed and stomach to fill.

In a situation where you see some men casing your house with weapons in their hands, the only option you have is to open fire and defend your territory.

We are talking of food crisis so you should know that a lot of people will be willing to kill to lay their hands on food.

But what will you do if you open your door and see a couple of hungry kids and their mother asking for food, will you shoot them?

The best way to protect your food as a prepper is to be unobstructive. You are in a dilemma here.   If nobody knew you had supplies they wouldn’t bother you.  And for you not to be bothered your home needs to be isolated where people might not see you.

But even at that, if they find you in an isolated area, they will assume you have something to hide.  Besides during desperate situations it is hard to be isolate unless you live underground.

The sound of a generator in a situation where most homes are without lights, all the sight of a livestock  or a mini garden are signs that you have enough to survive on.

All this we attract hungry people to your home and definitely some desperate ones will want to come and take it from you by force.

So you should be ready for it to turn violent most of the time.

But in this situation now we’re talking about the desperate kids and their mother that are asking for food, what are you going to do?

These are desperate times and you cannot help everyone that needs it no matter how much food you have in stock.

If you keep on sharing what you have to every desperate and hungry person that comes your way, soon you might run out of food and supplies.

Even if you help them now, after a day or two they will get hungry again and come back for more.

It is your priority to preserve your supplies for you and your family to survive on – and hungry and desperate people are a threat to that.

So Will You Shoot Hungry People That Came Begging For Food?

Hungry people are desperate people and desperate people can be dangerous.

If some of them get a hint that you have enough stockpile that can last for a while, they might try taking it away from you.

Anytime you come in contact with refugees and scavengers, you should be prepared because it might turn violent.

Most beggars will have to accept that you can’t help them, so you have to learn to how to turn them away firmly but peacefully.  Most times it doesn’t have to be shoot first and ask questions later.

If you’re the type of person that is known to shoot first and ask questions later, well, they are possible scenarios that could take place.

One is that you could succeed in scaring some people away never to come close. Another possibility is that some people might assume that you have something worth fighting, gang up come together to run you over.  Even if you succeed in dealing with them a couple of times, you could take in casualties and for how long can you continue defending the stockpile. So the shoot first policy is kind of a way of attracting more attacks to your home.

The third possibility is that law abiding people might come for you.  In a situation when the food crisis is over, you could be arrested.

So the question remains, what do you do?

Is Feeding Everyone That Come To Begging For Food An Option?

Well most of the time the decision is yours to make. In a situation where a hungry mother and her two kids show up at your door asking for food, you might decide to help them with a few days’ supply that will not affect you.

But even at that, would that be the best solution to help you survive?

You cannot take them in because they will become added mouths to feed.  And if you send them away with a little help, they will get hungry after a few days and come back asking for more food.

They can also take the food supplies you gave to them home to where more hungry and desperate people are and tell them that you are the one that gave them some food.

Here’s what I’ll do in my case?

Making a decision at this moment has become a personal decision.  So for me the writer, this is what I will do in my case.

Meeting them for the first time I might help but I’ll make it clear to them that it is a onetime donation after which I will give them direction to safe area if I can and encourage them to move on.

If they come back later asking for more food, then I will have to tell them I’m sorry that I already gave them what I had left.

In a situation where they refused to leave, I will have to firmly ask them to leave and ask them never to come back.  You really don’t want people hanging around your home with the hope of getting a handout; this will indeed attract more people.

It might get to a point that some of them might decide that if you don’t want to give them some food they will decide to take it all.

Then you might have to start shooting people again.

Another sensible way will be, evaluate each person that approaches you and take the action that seems best.

When violent people approach your home and try to take your stockpile from you, responding violently will be the only way.

But if it’s a frightened hungry kid, there is no need to start shooting.  You have to talk to them from a position of strength and let them know what your decision is.

You can either choose to help them or send them on their way because in a situation of food crisis, no one knows when it’s going to come to an end.

Your large food supplies might begin to diminish if situations do not get better.

So keeping your supplies and try to manage it as much as you can should be a desperate effort as much as trying to stay alive.

Now you tell me, what will you do in your situation?  Please leave me comments.


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