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Everything About Tap Water Drinking Safety You Need To Know

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Is tap water safe to drink?

That remains the questions we will always get from people that want to make sure they are not ingesting any poisonous substance into their body.

In the United States, tap water is indeed safe to drink at least from the point it leaves its processing plant.

What I cannot guarantee you is its safety when it hits your pipe and then comes out your tap.

Tap waters can be contaminated by more than a 1000 known contaminants but this does not make them unsafe to drink if there is a way you can go about filtering them.

You tap water can also be contaminated by lead in an old pipe, that is if you are just moving into an old home.

Whether you are just moving into a new home or old home, it is important you have your water pipes and tap water checked out for safety purposes.

I believe that are labs where you can get accurate results on whether your tap water is very contaminated or unsafe to drink and get possible recommendation on what to do to make it safe.

If you can be able to deal with all known source of contamination of your tap water after it leaves the processing plant, then I am sure that your tap water will be very safe for you and your family to consume without worry.

Most times these contaminants are from the old pipes on your home because the government will not allow contaminated water to be released to it citizens to prevent an outbreak.

I Wouldn’t Recommend Bottled Water Over Tap Water

Because I have written about a thousand contaminants that can possible affect the safety of your water, I know some of my readers will surrender their fate to bottled water with the assumption that it is safer to drink.

My friend, though bottled water is being packaged in a controlled environment, it doesn’t make it the safest form of drinking water.

This is apart from the fact that you will spend more on water consumption for yourself and family and also litter your environment with empty cans.

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If you ever feel like going green and help encourage the fight against global warming, finding a way to filter your tap water will be the best.

Besides, there is every possibility that after testing your tap water, it will be deemed fit to drink. You can make it safer with affordable and quality home filtration products like Brita 10 Cup Everyday Water Pitcher and  Brita Longlast Replacement Filters for Pitchers and Dispensers which is a filter that you can use to filter up to 900 gallons of your tap water in your home.

If you check the amount you pay per thousand gallon of water supplied to your home and what you have to pay if bottled water is your option, you will see that you have been spending a lot more than necessary because you have fears that are unnecessary.

But with a proper filtration system in your home, I am sure your tap water will adequately meet up to your water needs without any problems.

Truths About Tap Water That Makes It Better Than Bottled Water

Tap water is regulated by the EPA while bottled water is regulated by the FDA, which is in the United States.

Both safety measures are okay and can be trusted. The safety of the bottled water is regulated till it bottled while tap water is regulated up to the point is gets to your home.

There is no known study that can determine the safety of bottled water the moment it enters the plastic can.

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There are known brands of bottled waters that have been contaminated by chemicals used in making the plastics.

Pthalates is a chemical that is used to make plastic soft and it has been verified that ingesting bottled water contaminated with this chemical and other complex chemicals used in making plastic cans puts drinkers at risks of liver problem, cancer and reproductive system disorder.

If not tap water, it is never recommended to drink bottled water that has been exposed to the heat of sunlight or have been all night in a car after a hot day.

Heat is a primary cause of this chemical leaching and I can guarantee you that bottled water is not safer than tap water after this reaction has occurred.

But with tap water, all you have to do is make sure you get the right filtration system and you are good to go.

Do not be deceived by adverts and commercial bombardments of savvy companies trying to condition your minds into believing their bottled water is safer than your tap water.

While there is an atom of truth in what they are promoting, I can assure you that your tap water is not a total waste.

If it makes you feel better, the regulation of bottled water packaging is less strict than that of tap water.

That is to say that tap water has more guaranties in safety and drinkability that the finely packaged and hyped bottled water.

Between tap water and bottled water, if you want my opinion on which one is safer to drink, my tap water will always take the day anytime any day.

You can buy bottled water where necessary if you must, but do not spend so much because you depend on them for safety when you can get a more economical and reliable source of water from your home.

What If My Tap Water Doesn’t Taste Better Or I’m Still Scared Of Contamination?

I understand that no matter what I write about the safety of tap water over bottled water some people will still be skeptical about its safety to drink.

There is also the case of drinkability and its taste for some people who have gotten used to a certain type taste preference for their water.

If you fall into this category of people that you need to check out this iSpring 5-Way Reverse Osmosis Water Filter.


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From the image you can see that it can be easily installed under your sink to give your tap water that delicious taste you desire in your water.

A best seller on Amazon, you have more people writing something positive about this product that those that do not.

You can check out reviews of this product and I am sure you will understand why most tap water drinkers prefer it to purify their tap water.

Reverse osmosis is one technology is uses in purifying your tap water to take out at least 98% of possible contaminants and makes it softer to drink.

Remember we talked about 1000 possible water contaminants earlier, you now have a reason not to be scared anymore because this filter should keep your water safe for drinking.

At least your family doesn’t have to worry anymore that they might have been drinking the pool water.

Finally On Safety Of Drinking Your Tap Water

I don’t know what information and commercial that you have digested over the media that is trying to make you believe that bottled water is way better and safer than tap water.

I can tell you that most of this information is not true – they are just trying to get you to depend on their water and never stop paying them your money.

On a long run, this iSpring product should save you lots of money and still provide you an unending source of safe drinking water from your tap.

Stop getting scared of your tap water because your government is doing their part to make it safe to drink. You don’t get such safety regulations in effect with bottled water as you would get it with tap water.

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