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Get Rid Of Your Dirty Dish Towels: Here’s A Better Option

Get Rid Of Your Dirty Dish Towels

Dirty dish towels will be our topic of discussion in this post today. A must have in almost all homes, most women never understand that importance of not having a dirty dish towel in their homes.

After this post, you will understand why getting rid of your dirty dish towels is important if you are to maintain a clean home and kitchen.

Do you know that your dirty dish towels are the dirtiest things in your kitchen if not your home in general?

There are foodborne diseases that can result from food preparation because this activity contaminates all sorts of surfaces in the kitchen.

When you look at this situation is dish towels happen to be at the center of the whole matter.

Bacteria as we know it can grow overnight on your dish towel making it germier than it was the night before.

So because your dirty dish towels seem clean does not mean that it really is. It is this same towel that is used for similar activity the next day, cleaning dishing, sinks, and kitchen table.

Same hands used in touching your dirty dish towels will be used to touch the plates, the food, the meat and other kitchen accessories that is in one way or the other connected to things we put in our mouth.

That means there are healthy risks posed by our dirty dish towels in our homes which must be brought to our attention so that we know what is at stake here.

What’s The Better Option Than A Dirty Dish Towels

Bounty Disposable Paper Towel
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On a personal note, I prefer my disposable paper towels which has turned out to be safer and a better option than any dirty dish towels.

Since I discovered the health dangers of continuous use of dirty dish towels with regards to bacterial growth and possible infection, I got rid of them all because can’t bear to deal with any food related health hazard.

I can’t bear the thought of becoming a hospital emergency case as result of food poisoning which happens to be my fault due to excess bacteria in my kitchen and dishes.

My disposable paper towel are thick and thirsty and I use to them clean almost anything in my kitchen and at same time keep my kitchen bacteria free.

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  1. Bounty Select-a-Size Paper Towels, White
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I don’t need to tell you why both are the best option for you because I found them as a best seller on Amazon. And if you understand how useful they can become for you, then getting rid of your dirty dish towels will become easy for you.

There are both positive and negative reviews about these paper towels but I don’t care about the negative ones or even the positive ones.

There are very cheap for me not minding the cost and looking at the way they are able to help me save money and at same time keep my  kitchen clean, there is no way I can make use of any dirty dish towel in my home again.

Sparkle Disposable Paper Towel
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At least I now know that most bacteria found in our kitchen comes from our hands and so many women make the mistake of using the same dish towels to clean their hands and their dishes which in turn infect their dishes even when they look clean.

But with a paper towel, I use one to swipe my wet hands and keep it clean, then I take another to swipe my dishes to keep them clean. Disposing them because they are not reusable ensures that bacteria removed never find their way back to my dishes and home again. I believe this is better than dirty dish towels.

Going by the extent of work we do in the kitchen, you will see that most effort to ensure that our dirty dish towels stay clean and bacteria free can be futile.

Unless you have a machine that will wash and dry dish towels immediately for reuse or you have lots of them for use.

Even when you have lots of dish towels to avoid bacterial infection, you have to go through the regular task of having them washed and kept clean.

Why not save yourself the stress keeping your kitchen bacteria free with dirty dish towels and go for these disposable paper towels and you will see how much you are saving for yourself in stress and cash.

Other Mistakes I See People Make With Their Dirty Dish Towels

There are other mistakes I see women make with their dish towels that lead to the spread of microscopic bacteria that we can’t see with our bare eyes.

One of them is using kitchen towels to clean their sink which happens to be another germ filled spot in our kitchen apart from residue left by meat or fish juices.

A disposable paper towel can help you do this job without causing further bacteria spread.

Here is another mistake, using your dirty dish towels in conjunction with cleaning products. It is not only meat what has issues of cross contamination issue, the use of harsh cleaning products on your countertop or kitchen sinks leaves residue that will contaminate your hands the next time you want to use the same towel to dry your hands.

Another mistake is leaving your kitchen towel on your countertop. I know it seems normal and ordinary for people but it is not advisable.

Bacteria grow in damp surfaces and crawl up to your towel. Remember, these a microscopic activities that takes place without you seeing or observing them.

Whether it is spilled milked, meat or fish juice, bacteria that grow in these environments can crawl from your hands to your dirty dish towels to your dished and the cycle continues on and on.

All these can be avoided with the used of disposable paper towels that don’t have any chance of being reused in our homes or kitchen saving us from unnecessary bacterial infection.

If you really can about the cleanliness of your kitchen and want to keep it infection free, then getting rid of your dish towels and making use of disposable paper towel will be a nice idea.

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