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When You Hate How Your Tap Water Taste: What To Do

how to make your tap water taste better

For most of us that are enlightened, we know that bottled water and tap water is almost the same thing. Just that we get tap water from our home directly while bottled water is just another tap water that is capped, sealed and sold to us in a well packaged and hyped design.

There is also the rest of us that like to go green and do everything natural because we have the safety of our mother earth at heart.

With the rate of changes going on as a result of global warming, one cannot be too careful when he decide to drink water with less container to dispose of.

The challenge however comes with focusing on your tap water to achieve this purpose and the taste remains a challenge for you because you hate it.

So what do you do in this case?

Do I break my promise of going green or should I continue with the odd taste as a sacrifice for my decision?

Well, it doesn’t have to be so. There is way I can go green and still change the taste of my water while keeping it tasty and clean – that is for those that are worries about the safety and cleanliness of their tap water.

Yeah, the health risks of tap water are of great concern to lots of people apart from the taste they have to deal with. But I can confidently tell them that there is little or nothing to worry about.

Their misguided health risks and concern is another major reason why they prefer filtered or bottled water to tap water and I can understand their fears and concerns.

That said, there is a way that you can go back to tap water because on a long run you are indeed spending quite some good number of cash from your wallet when there are cheaper and efficient ways you can clean your tap water to make it really drinkable.

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Three Ways That You Can Use To Make Your Tap Water Taste Better

Truth be told I never liked the taste of my tap water the first time I moved into my new home. I hated it so much that for the first week I depended on bottled water while trying to find a better way to deal with my failure to stick with my decision of going green.

If you find yourself in similar situation and don’t want to depend on bottled water rather make use of your tap then here are three filtration gadgets you can get for home.

  1. Brita 10 Cup Everyday Water Pitcher with 1 Filter
  2. Brita Longlast Replacement Filters for Pitchers and Dispensers
  3. iSpring RCC7 High Capacity Under Sink 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filtration System and Ultimate Water Softener

Trust me, if you really want to have a tap water that is clean and safe to drink, then these tools should help you achieve that.

Brita 10 Cup Everyday Water Pitcher with 1 Filter
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The first two are one and the same; one is the water pitcher while the second is the filter accessory that you can buy after exhausting the free one that comes with the pitcher.

There is nothing wrong with getting both and you are sure to have a safe drinking water from your tap in case you hate the taste.

Now coming to the third recommended water filter which is the more expensive one but more effective in terms of dealing awful tasting tap water, you have water processing machine that uses reverse osmosis to reengineer your water  and make it delicious.

Installed under the sink, it uses five filtration and engineering process to give your tap water the final flow of pure drinkable water.

You should know that these three recommendations are Amazon best sellers in their category so you shouldn’t worry much about their quality and ability to serve you well.

Personally, I will recommend the third option for any one that is in need of a more economical option to ensure their families have access to pure drinking water.

Between the chemical tastes and concerns that come with lead contamination and other water contamination of old pipes especially in old homes, you can’t be too careful.

With a quality water filtration system under your sink, you will save more with buying bottled water for your home.

Depending on how good your reading is and how effective you can follow video and youtube instructions, installing the iSpring water filter should be as easy as ABC.

Because you hate the way your tap water taste doesn’t make it less of a pure water for you to drink because it is well regulated by EPA while the bottled version is regulated by FDA.

Saving cost on a long here is what we are talking about while maintaining safety and water quality. Find yourself with this challenge, you have recommendations here that can help you deal with bad taste of tap water.

Filtered Water Vs Tap Water: You Can Get Both In Your Home

iSpring 5-Stage Water Filter Using Reverse OSmosis
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There is this issue of comparing tap water to filtered water and with regards to its taste, drinking tap water might become challenging for some people.

However, who is to say you can’t have better tasting tap water that is well filtered in your home. Most filtered water we buy is just the same tap water in the company’s location that has undergone one or more filtration processes.

You can either choose to keep spending money on these bottled and filtered water or have an effective filtration system installed in your home – the decision is yours to make.

Just have it at the back of your mind that the differences between tap water, filtered water, and bottled water are less distinct than you might think. Let’s not allow the packaging of filtered and bottled water distract us from the truth.

If it makes you feel better federal regulations that govern the manufacturers of bottled water are typically much less strict than those regarding tap water.

Now tell me which one of both has more guarantee in cleanliness and drinkability.

There are certain chemicals that come with tap water that is good for health and you can find less of them in bottled water, one of them is fluoride.

You will be wrong to think that bottled water, because they taste better, have more health benefits than tap water. I can assure you rejecting your tap water because it doesn’t taste the way you like your water will be wrong.

If there is something you can do to make it taste better, investing in it will be better, healthier and save you more money on the long run.

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