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Kalamera Wine Cooler 24-Inch Built-In/Freestanding Review And Buy Guide

Kalamera Wine Cooler 24-Inch Built-In/Freestanding Review And Buy Guide

Kalamera Wine Cooler 24-Inch Built-In/Freestanding Review And Buy Guide

If you are looking for one of the best 46 bottle premium dual zone wine cooler, then the Kalamera brand of wine fridge is one that you should be checking out.

For you to be here at this moment means that you know little or nothing about wine coolers and you are in need of guidance and more information.

If you fall into this category of people(or not), I will do my best to briefly aid you with facts about this brand and model of wine cooler since that is what you are looking for.

That being said, if you are new to the world of wine coolers or you just opened your restaurant, I will take some time to help you understand what you are looking for in a wine fridge.

A Wide But Not Too Tall Brand Of Cooler

If you are going for this Kalamera 46 bottle brand of wine cooler, then you will be looking at a unique feature that is not tall but wide. This wideness has indeed raised some concern amongst consumers about how they will accommodate this refrigerator in their home or business place.

This is indeed a valid concern in my own opinion. However, we are looking at a cooler that fits into bar-like areas that really don’t want something that is too tall. I believe this is the reason why bar fridges were created, so that they can fit under the bar top without taking up major space in a visible area.

Bar owners cannot not have spaces under their bar area wasting away without putting it to good use. This is where the Kalamera 46 bottle wine cooling system comes in because spaces like that will not contain tall brands and models.

But with this brand you can be sure to store a substantial amount of wine without taking up visible space in your bar or restaurant. This model of wine cooler measures about 23.5 inches wide and a miniscule 33 inches high. Still, it manages to hold 46 bottles without forcefully squeezing any of them in.

A Wine Cooler With A Bench Wood Shelving

If you are very familiar with the world of wine you will agree with me that a perfect bottle is one without scratches. That cannot be said for some brands and models of wine coolers and a major mistake made by manufactures when designing their product.

While they are looking for cutting edge designs in their product, their neat looking shelving system can scratch the heck out of your bottles giving it an unsmooth look.

But with the Kalamera 24inch wine cooler, the benchwood used for these shelves will not allow that to happen since it is designed in a way that makes it gentler on bottles.

Another plus to these shelves is that they pull out pretty nicely along rollers making it easy for you to select your bottles with ease. This makes it less likely for your bottles to have a scratch after you’ve pulled them out.

Kalamera Wine Fridge With Low Vibration and Built-in Friendly

The difference between a compression based wine fridge and a thermoelectric wine cooler is in the noise which comes from the presence of fan in the compression based version.

The thermoelectric version are the rave of the moment for some people because of its silence but this does not put the compression base coolers out of use or business.

One downside of thermoelectric versions of wine coolers is that they require a lot ventilation. This means that if you are looking for a brand of wine cooler for under your bar top then this type of wine cooler is not for you.

But with this Kalamera wine cooler, you have for yourself a wine cooler that fits the bill and position of placement. Though a compression based cooler, it comes with a special vibration reduction system to keep your sediment still. This is in case you are scared that any little vibration might disrupt the sediment in the bottle of your wine bottle.

Even without the thermoelectric technology in this model, you don’t have to worry about the sediment moving and floating around.

 A Model That Protects Your Wine Collections From UV Ray

I have come to find out that most people are afraid of buying wine coolers with clear glass doors. The reason is mostly because they are afraid that UV rays can pass through and affect their wine collection.

Most of them go for wine refrigerators that have dark glass doors because of the perception that it keeps sunlight UV rays out.

Well, I will admit that I have been faced with such situation but with this Kalamera Model of wine cooler, even if it has a clear glass door, there is an in-built special anti-UV layer that protects your collections from UV rays from sunlight.

In Conclusion

You should know that if I am to talk about everything that this model of wine cooler can do for you, I would be heading for thousands of words. And it might get boring for you to read.

If you need more information about this unit, you can read it here on Amazon. This cooler has an easy-to-use touch control panel which monitors separate temperatures in each section. This model is dual zone and both have different temperature ranges 40 to 50 degrees in the upper section and 50 to 66 in the lower.

This makes it perfect for different types of wine that can be enjoyed at different temperatures. The top can be used for white wine and the red wine stored in the lower section. The top section is much lesser than the lower section and white wines are less popular than red wine.

This model of wine cooler is one you should go for if you can afford it because it serves its purpose very well.

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