List Of Positive Characters Traits And Their Personality To Develop

There are lots of personality traits and characters as we know and it has become paramount that we all learn what our strengths and weaknesses are.

In this article we shall be talking about positive character traits and their personality so that you can know areas of your life to develop.

  1. Accessible Personality

When you have an accessible personality, this character will make you to be a humble person. You tend to notice this character in leaders that are not too proud to come down to the level of their followers. They have a good sense of understanding and will relate with all according to their standards. You can say they are approachable.

  1. Active Personality

This is another character you see in people that are very active in their way of life. It is not about exercising but these are people always out to achieve something in their lives and make the most out their mission. They are achievers.

  1. Adaptable Personality

In this personality character we are talking about a trait you see in people that are survivors. You put them in a tight spot and they will make the most out of it. People like this are very resourceful and can make a lot out of nothing.

  1. Admirable Personality

Have you ever come in contact with those kinds of people that most people in the room desire to be like or be with? Well this is the character we are talking about. They have this charisma and likeable personality that makes them attractive to others.

  1. Adventurous Personality

For what most people call crazy people with this character call fun and adventure. They want to see the world and are very enthusiastic about it. If it is thrilling then you will find them there.

  1. Agreeable Personality

For the sake of peace people like this will almost agree to anything. They make good team players and know how to coordinate a peaceful environment.

  1. Alert Personality

We can call people with this character agile. They are mentally alert to changes in their lives and people around them. One trait they have it that they are ready to make changes wherever necessary if the need arises.

  1. Allocentric Personality

This is one trait you see in people that dedicate most of their time caring about other people than they care about themselves. You can call them selfless people and love to make sure that people around them are okay and comfortable.

  1. Amiable Personality

Team player, looks for an ‘everybody wins’ result.

Warm and friendly, but sometimes cloying.

Doesn’t hide from feelings, expressing and listening. Caring, nurturing come easily.

Soft spoken, goes along to ‘get along’. Uncomfortable when they don’t know how the group feels about something. Doesn’t like independent activities and decision-making.

Rarely sticks up for their position in the face of strong opposition. Prefers compromise.

  1. Anticipative Personality

One character you see in people like this is that they know how to prepare for something even before it happens. People like this don’t like being taken unaware so the deal with matters before arising.

  1. Appreciative Personality

Being thankful is one character trait you find in people that are appreciative. They can be depended on because providing excellence is always their mission.

  1. Articulate Personality

Thought provoking and confident

Listen/ think / respond

Open minded

Interested in logic and understanding

If you have these character traits, then you know you are an articulate person.

  1. Aspiring Personality

These people are not afraid to reach for greater heights. They are dreamers and follow up their dream so as to make a reality. Obstacle is only but a stepping stone and a means to learn and improve.

  1. Athletic Personality

Character traits you see in people like this are drive, discipline, competitiveness, self-confidence, aggressiveness, focus and commitment. If you have these traits then you know you have the personality.

  1. Attractive Personality

Charisma is one trait you see in people like this. You must be confident and comfortable in your own skin. They have nice smile or attractive grin that makes people want to come close to them.

  1. Balanced Personality

People with this character find a way to be physically active every day, keep themselves clean, quit the bad habits and find positive way to relate with people and the world around them harmoniously.

  1. Benevolent Personality

Being accessible is one of the first traits of this personality. People like this find way to make the society around them better. They are kind and cheerful. When you have this personality you will love to serve.

  1. Brilliant Personality

Sharp mind is one trait you see in people with this personality. They are not too proud to learn and ask for help because that how they grow. They are curious and open-minded every experience is an opportunity to learn.

  1. Calm Personality

When you are dealing with a calm person you know you are dealing with someone that is peaceful in character and mind. These people understand who they are and are very much in control of themselves and emotions. They are not quick to react and know that they are better ways to handle misunderstanding than being violent.

  1. Capable Personality

People that are capable are known to be achievers and successful people. They are fierce competitors and really smart. Overcoming challenge and using obstacles as stepping stones is one of their characters and ability.

  1. Captivating Personality

When it is said that you are captivating, there must be something you do that draws people’s attention to you. People like this have positive body language, goods listening skill and great public speakers. They have charisma and know how to make people they meet feel important.

  1. Caring Personality

One characters you see in people like this are is that they are honest both in lifestyle and way they relate with people. They don’t harm others because they truly care about their feelings. It is about empathy and trying to make people around you feel as comfortable as you can.

  1. Challenging Personality

Characters you see in people that are challenging is drive, discipline, competitiveness, self-confidence, aggressiveness, focus and commitment. Just like an athletic personality, people like this live for challenges and love more than nothing to overcome them.

  1. Charismatic Personality

Charismatic people have control over the air in the room when they walk in. Without trying too hard they are able to draw everyone’s attention to themselves. They inspire people positively to want to make positive changes in their lives. Being attractive is one of their charismas.

  1. Charming Personality

When you are having a charming personality one character that will be observed in you is your ability to carry yourself and be comfortable in your own skin. People like this are smooth talkers and good listeners. They have good body language and can easily adapt to others. This is how they are able to remain attractive and draw others to themselves.

Other 209 Positive Personality And Character Traits You See In People Are

  1. Cheerful
  2. Clean
  3. Clear-headed
  4. Clever
  5. Colorful
  6. Companionly
  7. Compassionate
  8. Conciliatory
  9. Confident
  10. Conscientious
  11. Considerate
  12. Constant
  13. Contemplative
  14. Cooperative
  15. Courageous
  16. Courteous
  17. Creative
  18. Cultured
  19. Curious
  20. Daring
  21. Debonair
  22. Decent
  23. Decisive
  24. Dedicated
  25. Deep
  26. Dignified
  27. Directed
  28. Disciplined
  29. Discreet
  30. Dramatic
  31. Dutiful
  32. Dynamic
  33. Earnest
  34. Ebullient
  35. Educated
  36. Efficient
  37. Elegant
  38. Eloquent
  39. Empathetic
  40. Energetic
  41. Enthusiastic
  42. Esthetic
  43. Exciting
  44. Extraordinary
  45. Fair
  46. Faithful
  47. Farsighted
  48. Felicific
  49. Firm
  50. Flexible
  51. Focused
  52. Forecful
  53. Forgiving
  54. Forthright
  55. Freethinking
  56. Friendly
  57. Fun-loving
  58. Gallant
  59. Generous
  60. Gentle
  61. Genuine
  62. Good-natured
  63. Gracious
  64. Hardworking
  65. Healthy
  66. Hearty
  67. Helpful
  68. Herioc
  69. High-minded
  70. Honest
  71. Honorable
  72. Humble
  73. Humorous
  74. Idealistic
  75. Imaginative
  76. Impressive
  77. Incisive
  78. Incorruptible
  79. Independent
  80. Individualistic
  81. Innovative
  82. Inoffensive
  83. Insightful
  84. Insouciant
  85. Intelligent
  86. Intuitive
  87. Invulnerable
  88. Kind
  89. Knowledge
  90. Leaderly
  91. Leisurely
  92. Liberal
  93. Logical
  94. Lovable
  95. Loyal
  96. Lyrical
  97. Magnanimous
  98. Many-sided
  99. Masculine (Manly)
  100. Mature
  101. Methodical
  102. Maticulous
  103. Moderate
  104. Modest
  105. Multi-leveled
  106. Neat
  107. Nonauthoritarian
  108. Objective
  109. Observant
  110. Open
  111. Optimistic
  112. Orderly
  113. Organized
  114. Original
  115. Painstaking
  116. Passionate
  117. Patient
  118. Patriotic
  119. Peaceful
  120. Perceptive
  121. Perfectionist
  122. Personable
  123. Persuasive
  124. Planful
  125. Playful
  126. Polished
  127. Popular
  128. Practical
  129. Precise
  130. Principled
  131. Profound
  132. Protean
  133. Protective
  134. Providential
  135. Prudent
  136. Punctual
  137. Pruposeful
  138. Rational
  139. Realistic
  140. Reflective
  141. Relaxed
  142. Reliable
  143. Resourceful
  144. Respectful
  145. Responsible
  146. Responsive
  147. Reverential
  148. Romantic
  149. Rustic
  150. Sage
  151. Sane
  152. Scholarly
  153. Scrupulous
  154. Secure
  155. Selfless
  156. Self-critical
  157. Self-defacing
  158. Self-denying
  159. Self-reliant
  160. Self-sufficent
  161. Sensitive
  162. Sentimental
  163. Seraphic
  164. Serious
  165. Sexy
  166. Sharing
  167. Shrewd
  168. Simple
  169. Skillful
  170. Sober
  171. Sociable
  172. Solid
  173. Sophisticated
  174. Spontaneous
  175. Sporting
  176. Stable
  177. Steadfast
  178. Steady
  179. Stoic
  180. Strong
  181. Studious
  182. Suave
  183. Subtle
  184. Sweet
  185. Sympathetic
  186. Systematic
  187. Tasteful
  188. Teacherly
  189. Thorough
  190. Tidy
  191. Tolerant
  192. Tractable
  193. Trusting
  194. Uncomplaining
  195. Understanding
  196. Undogmatic
  197. Unfoolable
  198. Upright
  199. Urbane
  200. Venturesome
  201. Vivacious
  202. Warm
  203. Well-bred
  204. Well-read
  205. Well-rounded
  206. Winning
  207. Wise
  208. Witty
  209. Youthful

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