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How To Make Tap Water Taste Better Than Bottled Water

how to make your tap water taste better

Taste has always been the issue that comes with drinking either tap water or bottled water. There is also the issue of preferring filtered water to the two versions stated earlier.

But you should know that the difference between all three is not much and if it makes you feel better all three of them come from the same tap water in their different location of production.

That is to say the company that sells you bottled water or filtered water got it from the tap in their location – the difference is the filtration process that it underwent before being packages, hyped and sold to you.

There is also the safety of tap water when compared to bottled water; I can assure that the federal regulation of tap water is stricter than that of bottled water.

Yes you heard me right – the cleanliness of tap water has more guarantee than the bottled water you buy and drink every day.

That said, the awful taste we get from our tap water might be as a result of our taste bud getting used to a kind of water in a new home and location or certain chemicals that are found in tap water.

That said, if you want to save more money with regards to buying bottled water all the time or just want to go green and encourage the fight against global warming with less bottles, then maybe there is a way you can make your tap water more delicious and drinkable.

In this post we have some recommendations for you so that can help you achieve this purpose so you don’t spend a fortune trying to give your family that clean and drinkable accessible water.

How You Can Make Your Tap Water Taste Better

I will be honest with you, my tap was not my favorite source of water in my home in the past because moving into a new home in a different town got my taste bud complaining of the new taste I got from the tap water.

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For more than a week I went back on my decision to go green by stocking some bottled water – at least until I am able to deal with the awful taste my tap water provided me.

There are lots of ways I could go about getting clean water that is drinkable. One of them is by making use of Brita 10 Cup Everyday Water Pitcher ordering it online gets it delivered with one filter that I can use for weeks. That said, I ordered it with Brita Longlast Replacement Filters for Pitchers and Dispensers.

This way I am sure of having a reliable source of clean water because as long my tap water keeps passing through these two accessories, my water will remain drinkable.

I used my bottled water till they were delivered to my home and the issue of worrying about a clean stable source of water was settled.

After a while, I got tired of having to order filters from time to time even though they were effective. I needed a more powerful and long lasting solution.

Then a neighbor of mine introduced me to iSpring RCC7 High Capacity Under Sink 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filtration System and Ultimate Water Softener.

Since then, my life has never remained the same. My water is cleaner and tastes better. The coffee made with the water tastes better, the espresso machine makes better espresso, and the milk steamed with it is smoother and more delicious.

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There is no need for me to spend so much in bottled water when there are better options that you can use to get clean and drinkable water from home.

Like I said, do not be deceived by all the adverts you see about these packaged and hyped bottled water. It is still the same tap water but with their own filtration system which can be a more expensive because they have millions of gallons to process.

The process of filtration can possibly be the same if yours is not even better. A filtration system that has 5 stages of reverse osmosis to reengineer your water is something to work with if you will agree with me.

You want to make your tap water taste better than bottled water and make it safe and delicious for drinking, I don’t think you need some other tools than the ones recommended to you in this post.

There are more than 1000 possible contaminants of water and the technology that comes with iSpring filter can deal with 99% of all of them including lead (removes up to 98% of lead), chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, hormones, asbestos, calcium, sodium, bacteria, giardia, viruses and more.

A best seller on Amazon with hundreds of positive review coupled with its gold ranking, I see no reason not to have one in my home and I suggest you do the same.

Easy, do-it-yourself installation, typically in a couple of hours with industry-leading help just a phone call away. Fits under a standard kitchen sink, with all parts included and clear, well-organized instructions and videos. For leak-free installation, simply push tubing ½ inch deep into quick-fitting connectors and lock – no threading pipes needed.

No More Worries About How Clean A Tap Water Can Be

You can keep spending money on bottled water because you are scared of how clean your tap water can be or you can invest in a long term solution that can save you lots of money.

Despite what your thoughts is about filtered water, tap water and bottled water, juts have it at the back of your mind that the difference between them is less distinct than you might think.

Don’t let the hypes you see on commercials fool you. If you really want to make the most out of your water, you have a superb filtration system that can help you achieve that purpose.

You don’t need to bother yourself about the quality of your water when you have the power to take charge of that quality and take it to the level you wish it to be.

Your tap water is quite as healthy as the bottled water you buy can be. A top quality filter takes gives your tap water the extra edge it deserves over other sources of water you pay for.

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