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Paper Towels Vs Kitchen Towels: Which Is Better For Cleaning Dishes?

Paper Towels Vs Kitchen Towels: Which Is Better For Cleaning Dishes?

In this post we shall be looking at a comparison between paper towels and kitchen towels which is better for cleaning dishes and other kitchen utensils and accessories.

Personally, checking out paper towels and kitchen towels, you get to see that making a comparison will be difficult because both are important to the cleanliness of a kitchen.

However, this doesn’t dispute the fact that one will be more preferred to the other in this post and in my case I will always have more of a quality paper towel in my home than a regular kitchen towel.

I understand that paper towels are disposable but there are certain reasons why I prefer them to kitchen towels and in this post you will find out why.

Before we proceed, if you want my recommendation on best paper towels that comes highly rated and recommended, then check out these two:

  1. Bounty Select-a-Size Paper Towels, White
  2. Sparkle Paper Towels, 24 Giant Plus Paper Towel Rolls

They are sure to provide you all the support you need when cleaning your hand and kitchen utensils and accessories.

That said, lets proceed to why paper towels are the best compared to kitchen towels.

Major Reasons Why Paper Towels Are Better Than Kitchen Towels

Viva Paper Towel
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Our kitchen remains the center of our topic of discussion in this post and keeping it clean is the reason why we are making this comparison.

Let us take a look at a scenario where kitchen towel happens to be the most preferred. We use them as dish towels and as well as cleaning our sink and countertop.

This makes our kitchen towel one of the dirtiest parts of our home coupled with our sink. More dirt means more bacteria spread right?

Because paper towels are disposable is the major reason why I prefer it to the regular kitchen towels. You might think it is wasteful, but wait till you become an emergency case of food poisoning as a result of excess bacteria in your kitchen and utensils, maybe then you will begin to understand the importance of minimizing the bacteria in your kitchen.

I understand that these things might look clean before our very eyes but you should know that bacterial infestation is a microscopic activity and one we can’t see with our bare eyes.

So because your hand or dishes look clean does not make them bacteria free. Activities carried out by our kitchen towels makes the transfer of bacteria easy and this transfer can be greatly minimized with the use of paper towels which are disposable.

Science helps us understand that not all bacteria are out meant to harm and kill us. That said, the harmful ones will not kill us instantly – that is why keeping them are a barest minimum is very important. After all there is nothing we can do to get rid of them entirely.

The continuous use and reuse of kitchen towels cannot help us reduce the spread of bacteria in our homes and kitchen. This is most times the case where same kitchen towel used in wiping our kitchen table is also used in wiping the sink.

Bounty Disposable Paper Towel
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Even when we don’t use the same towel to clean our dishes, mind you that it is the same hand that handle that towel is used in handling our dishes. So the bacterial spread is still on.

Bacteria as we know it can grow overnight on your kitchen towels making them germier than they were the night before.

All this can be prevented with the used of paper towels that are disposable. After you are done cleaning the dirtiest parts of the kitchen and disposing of the papers, you wash your hands and wipe again with a disposable paper towel thereby keeping your hands clean enough to touch edible food and dishes.

I save myself the stress of having to wash my kitchen towels regularly. What is the use of keeping a kitchen towel if I still can’t succeed in keeping my kitchen and hands bacteria free with them?

Is Bounty The Best Paper Towel?

I first went through the reviews left by users to confirm if it is worth my money before ordering mine. From personal experience I can tell you that this is the best paper for me when scrubbing wet surfaces.

Viva Towels on the other hand is thicker and better if you want a paper towel that is more absorbent than other regular paper towels.

Viva towels can also be used as a face towel or as tissue but if you want a paper towel that will serve you more in scrubbing tough surfaces in your kitchen, then Bounty is the best paper for that.

How Do Bounty Paper Towels Become Strong Enough To Scrub?

With regards to all paper towels, they are able to retain their strength when scrubbing or wiping wet surfaces because of small molecules that combine to make up cellulose are sugar molecules.

When wiping wet surfaces with these papers, the water molecules rush in and cling to the cellulose fibers.

But with regards to Bounty Paper Towels, they have their own unique technology when producing their papers, and it has to do with the tight stitching or quilting they use in all their products.

This adds more surface to the paper as you use it to wipe resulting in more paper which keeps it absorbing more liquid.

Ever wonder why they are the #1 best seller in their category on Amazon despite the bad reviews left by some people which makes me think their competitors paid someone to leave a negative review.

So if you are wondering which paper towel is the best and most absorbent in the market, Bounty Paper  and Viva are products you should buy.

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Conclusion Which Is Better Between Paper Towel and Kitchen Towel

I am not saying that kitchen towels are totally useless to the cleanliness of our kitchen. But their minimal use can help keep us safe from these bacteria.

You can keep two kitchen towels for your sink and table top separately but you need lots of paper towel a bridge between your home and the bacteria that flow between them.

But if possible, a paper towel should be able to carry out as much possible function as any kitchen towel should be able to do for you.

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