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Rather Than Buy Kitchen Towels in Bulk Here’s A Better Option

Rather Than Buy Kitchen Towels in Bulk Here’s A Better Option

Rather Than Buy Kitchen Towels in Bulk Here’s A Better Option

Kitchen towels can be bought in bulk for sale or personal use. But this post is for those that want to buy kitchen towels in bulk for personal use in their homes and kitchen.

Though kitchen towels happen to be an important part of home in terms of keeping them clean, I strongly believe that there are better options to go for.

This post is mainly for home owners that takes the cleanliness of their homes and kitchen really serious. If you are interested in getting rid of every form of bacterial infection from your home and kitchen, then you will learn why buying kitchen towel in bulk is not the best idea.

I understand that keeping our kitchen clean is important for organizational purposes and looks – you will also agree with me that kitchen towels falls into the category of dirtiest things in your home and kitchen.

You will also agree with me that a dirty kitchen towel means a bacteria infested kitchen towel, yes?

Well yeah, I understand that you do your best to keep your kitchen towels cleans by making sure they are washed and dried appropriately but I can assure you, it doesn’t solve the problem of bacterial infection in your home and dishes.

There is absolutely nothing you can do to get rid of bacteria in our lives even when science proves that not all of them are created to harm us.

We can only do our best to keep them at the barest minimum that our system can manage and handle should we mistakenly ingest them by any means. The continuous use and reuse of kitchen towels will not help this course if you want reduce bacteria in your kitchen and home.

Talking about ingesting bacteria, our hand, countertop and kitchen towel that we use in wiping our dish are major means of transferring these bacteria because three of them work hand in hand.

Our hand and countertop are parts of our lives and home that we cannot replace because they will always be there, but our kitchen towel we can replace if there is a better means of making sure we don’t get food poisoning from bacterial infection of our food.

Bacteria as we know it can grow overnight on your kitchen towels making them germier than they were the night before.

So even when your kitchen towel seem neat, it really might not be clean and safe enough to use in wiping your dish or countertop.

Some people make the mistake of carrying out similar activities with their kitchen towel such as cleaning dishes, sinks and kitchen tables.

Trust me, you are putting your health and that of your family at risk of getting bacterial infection if you are doing this.

Even when you are not using the same kitchen towel for similar activity, that is assuming you have different towels for different kitchen activities, remember that it is the same hand you use in touching the towel for the sink is same hands that will touch the plates, the food, the meat and other kitchen accessories.

So I don’t see how you can avoid bacterial spread and infestation in your kitchen if you keep using kitchen towels in your home.

Yes kitchen towels are important parts of our home but how about a better option that can help in minimizing their use to the barest minimum.

If this appeals to you then let us take a look at what I have to offer.

What Are Better Options Than Buying Kitchen Towels

Bounty Disposable Paper Towel
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One home product that has helped me minimize my dependency on kitchen towels in my home is my disposable paper towels.

Rather than buying kitchen towels in bulk I prefer to buy paper towels in bulk because they are cheaper and less stressful for me.

Since I discovered the health dangers of continuous use of kitchen towels with regards to bacterial growth and possible infection, I got rid of them all because can’t bear to deal with any food related health hazard.

I can’t bear the thought of becoming a hospital emergency case as result of food poisoning which happens to be my fault due to excess bacteria in my kitchen and dishes.

The disposable papers I buy from Amazon are thick and do the job of wiping my kitchen clean thereby minimizing the possible transfer of bacteria in my home and kitchen.

If you need recommendation of towel papers you can buy then check out:

  1. Bounty Select-a-Size Paper Towels, White
  2. Sparkle Paper Towels, 24 Giant Plus Paper Towel Rolls

There is no need trying to tell you why these two are the best in the market but they work for me and happens to be a best seller on Amazon.

You have to be a top quality product to become a best seller despite some negative comments by some people, I still got buy either of them whenever the one I have is about to be exhausted and they have succeeded in helping me reduce the use of kitchen towels.

I don’t have to go through the weekly tasks of adding my bulky kitchen towels to my laundry since the paper towels are disposable.

Yes like I said, there are both positive and negative reviews but you should ignore both and give either of them a trial and if they work for you, I don’t think another person’s view about them matters. As for me, I prefer them to kitchen towels anytime any day.

Sparkle Disposable Paper Towel
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Like I said earlier, bacteria found in our kitchens come mostly from our hands and with other sources like the sink and meat juice you see that you need something that you don’t have to use repeatedly if you want to get rid of bacterial infestation in your kitchen and home.

With my disposable paper towel, I am able to wipe my sink and dispose, wash my hand, wipe again and dispose and with a clean hand I can handle my utensils and plates thereby minimizing the possibility of bacterial transfer from one means to another.

With their quality too, these paper towels are able to do much more than my regular kitchen towels.

Going by the extent of work we do in the kitchen, you will see that most effort to ensure that our kitchen towels stay clean and bacteria free can be futile.

Unless you have a machine that will wash and dry dish towels immediately for reuse or you have lots of them for use.

Even when you have lots of dish towels to avoid bacterial infection, you have to go through the regular task of having them washed and kept clean.

All these stresses can be avoided and dealt with by using a disposable paper towel rather than kitchen towels.

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Other Mistakes I See People Make With Their Kitchen Towels

So many of us make quite some good number of mistakes when using kitchen towels that lead to spread of microscopic bacteria that we can’t see with our bare eyes.

Residues left by meat and fish juice happen to second the major sources of bacterial infestation in our kitchen coupled with our sink.

It is common practice for some women to use the same kitchen towels that are used in cleaning our countertop, kitchen tables to clean the sink also.

Now tell me if this is not a major way to contaminate our kitchen towels and doing it with our hands that is use to touch our plates and other utensils leaves our clean looking kitchen bacteria infested even though they look clean before our bare eyes.

The use of a disposable paper towel can help minimize this spread to a great extent because there is no reuse of same cleaning towel for any task.

Here is another advice you can get from me for free, it is not advisable to use your kitchen towels in conjunction with cleaning products when cleaning any part of your kitchen. This act leaves residues that contaminate your hands the next time we use this same kitchen towels to dry your hand.

All these can be avoided with the used of disposable paper towels that don’t have any chance of being reused in our homes or kitchen saving us from unnecessary chemical and bacterial infestation.

If you really can about the cleanliness of your kitchen and want to keep it infection free, then getting rid of your dish towels and making use of disposable paper towel will be a nice idea.

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