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The Meaning Of Single Zone And Dual Zone Wine Coolers And Their Differences

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Do you want to fully understand what a single zone and dual zone wine cooling system means and their differences?

Then you are in the right spot because we are going to be giving you the guide you need so that you will know what you need and the right wine fridge for you.

Wine it comes to drinking wine there are basically two types of people. One is the occasional drinkers and the other is the wine enthusiasts that want everything about his wine to be perfect.

If you fall into the class of the occasional drinker then where you store your wine will not be much of your concern.

Wine enthusiasts on the other hand will want to retain the flavor and bouquet of their collection. This is why storing them under the perfect condition is important for them.

How you store your wine collection is what we are going to be talking about here because different wines can be best served when they are stored under different temperatures.

Understanding your collection and what single and dual zone is in the world of wine coolers will help you make the decision faster if you are looking for a wine cooler that is perfect for you.

What Is A Wine Cooler And Why Is This Type Of Fridge Best For My Wine?

Before we proceed further, you need to ask yourself what a wine cooler is and why you need one to store your collection.

Some curious minds will as why buy a wine fridge when you have your regular refrigerator that can do a similar job.

Storing your wine is not just about getting it cool, but for your wines to retain its flavor no matter how long you store them, it is important that you get a fridge specifically designed for it. This is what a wine cooler does and this function cannot be in any way compared to that of your regular refrigerator.

Different wine coolers based on brands and models store wines between the temperatures of 44 -67 degrees Fahrenheit and a humidity level between 65%-80%.

Your regular fridge stores its content at a much lower temperature and humidity. This can negatively affect your wine and its flavor and taste.

At a much lower level of humidity, the wine cork can get damaged thereby exposing your wine which can also become another bad news for your wine.

The general reason why it is not recommended to store your wine in a regular refrigerator is because the temperature and humidity levels are not constant. But a wine fridge can be set at a constant temperature so you wine collections remains at that state for as long as they are stored.

If you want to offer your guests the best experience in wine tasting, I am sure that a well preserved wine can help you achieve that.

Also, it depends on how large your collection of wine is, the brand, model and bottle sized number of wine fridge to go for, all of which can add some exotic touch to your home.

With the soft internal lighting, your guest can admire your wine collection without handling them coupled to the beauty it adds to your décor.

What Are The Temperature Zones Of A Wine Cooler?

What Is The Most Common Type Of Wine Coolers And Fridges In The Market? Found It

If you now understand why it is important that you store your wine collections in a fridge specifically designed for that task rather than your regular fridge, then we shall move over to the temperature zones that wine coolers utilize.

By zones I mean areas in your wine cooler that you can manipulate to serve the purpose of storing your wines at their appropriate temperature.

Different bottles of wines taste better when they are stored at their ideal temperature.  This means that the types of wine you have in your collection will determine the type of cooling systems you go for when purchasing your wine cooler. The aim is to properly maintain your wine no matter how long you are storing them even when you intend to age the wine.

Single Zone Wine Coolers

Single zone wine cooling system is very common with built-in and freestanding wine refrigerators. This is the type of wine coolers that can be set to one temperature and it cools all wine stored in it at the same temperature.

This type of wine cooler is recommended for wine people that buy and store only one type of wine because you can maintain them easily at the same storage temperature.

If white wines are your favorites then you can have them stored at a cool 53 degrees while your red wine collections can be stored at 60 degrees depending on how you want them served.

Whatever your preferences are, single zone wine fridges are easily adjustable and maintainable. It is cost effective if you store one class of wine because if you want to go for a dual zone or multiple zone wine coolers then you should be ready to add some extra dollar to your budget. This is a great option for you rather than stockpiling your wine collection in a regular refrigerator.

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Dual Zone Wine Coolers

Kalamera Wine Cooler 24-Inch Built-In/Freestanding Review And Buy Guide

Dual zone wine coolers are known to be more expensive than single zone wine fridges because of the double tasks it carries out.

This is the ideal wine cooler for you if you want to store more than one type of wine at different cooling temperature.

It comes with separate compartments that cool at different temperatures specified by their users. You can store your white wine at the top cabinet at 45 degrees and the red wines can go for 55 degrees at the lower chamber retaining their flavor and structure easily without worrying about their quality.

Of course you can find this type of wine cooler both in built-in and freestanding models and brands because there is something for everyone depending on what you are looking for.

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Multiple Zone Wine Coolers

Single zone wine coolers work efficiently for storing one type of wine while the dual zone wine cooler works best for storing two types of wine but the multiple zone wine coolers is best for you if you have a wide range of wine collection to store at their ideal temperature.

Imagine a wine cooler that can store your Pinot Noirs, Rieslings, and Prosecco properly and within their respected areas without any worries of ruining their structure.

There is, however, one factor you need to understand about this type of wine cooler – they are much large in size and design than your regular single and dual zone wine fridges.

This means that should you go for one, you should have already prepared a space for it and a professional on standby for proper installation. This will surely cost you more money but will serve you more because they make storing your wide range of collection easy for you.

So if you only have a small space for your wine cooler but want the services of a multiple wine cooler, I will recommend you go for a dual zone fridge until you are well prepared to handle the responsibilities of the multiple zone coolers.

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Other Things You Have To Consider As You Buy For A Wine Cooler

Before you make your decision to buy your wine cooler there are certain considerations you are to make. One is the number of bottles you intend to store at time, you also have to consider the space you have available for the installation of your wine cooler.

There is the issue of budget compared to what you want your wine refrigerator to do for you – so you have to find a balance between both.

If you are made a decision to either go for a single or dual zone cooler, you will now consider if either choice will be a built-in model or a freestanding model.

If you browse through our collections of wine cooler, you will observe that for every model of wine cooler you see, the built in version will always be a bit more expensive than the freestanding version.

Do not make the mistake of ordering for a freestanding version with the hope of installing it in a tight space meant for built-in versions of wine coolers because you want to save cost.

This freestanding wine cooler will overheat because it is built to be plugged in and left in spaces in your home where there is enough ventilation.

Built-in wine coolers on the other hands are built for such tight spaces which is why you need to add some more cash to your budget to get them. They save you floor space if you have limited ones are home for a wine cooler.

If you believe that you are well informed about the type of wine coolers that best suit your needs, then you are good to go.

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