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The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Wine Cooler And Wine Refrigerator To Buy

How To Choose The Best Wine Coolers For Your Home

 How To Choose The Best Wine Coolers For Your Home

How To Choose The Best Wine Coolers For Your Home

Do you want to learn how to choose the best wine refrigerator and wine cooler for your home?

Do you desire to buy a wine fridge and don’t know which one to go for?

Are you searching for the best wine coolers on the market that you can buy?

Making a choice of wine refrigerator is something you would be right to research about so that you don’t regret making your choice after having paid for the product and going through the stress of having it returned or its parts replaced.

Wine coolers and refrigerators are not for sommeliers of the world alone. Even people that are casual enthusiast of wine tasting and enjoyment can find that owning a wine fridge can help keep their collection chilled and fresh. This is especially when they go for the right type of cooler that is built to handle specific functions.

With a wine cooler, you don’t have to throw your wine into a regular refrigerator or find a quick way to cool the bottle which will still leave it too cool anyway. You will have your wine at a standard temperature that will give you a satisfying taste and at same time keep your collection that yet to be opened fresh.

 Other Benefits Of Wine Coolers And Fridges

  • Works As Extra Storage.

Apart from the fact that your wine coolers keeps your collection chilled at a certain temperature, these gadgets also serves as you means of storage. You don’t need your wine bottles crowding up the space in your kitchen or room which makes the whole place look disorganized.

  • Make It Easier To Take Advantage Of Deals.

There are lots of wine clubs and stores that offer great prices when you purchase wine from them in large quantities. You are obviously a lover of great wines and their tastes so you are faced with opportunities to take advantage of these cash saving sales to buy and store up different types and brands of wine for the long term.

  • Can Open The Doors To Collecting Better Wine.

When you buy a wine cooler, you now have for yourself a means of storing wines collections for a long time and still keep them fresh. With this you will never miss an opportunity to buy great bottles when presented to you because you have an efficient means of storing them without worrying about them getting spoilt due to the temperature of your home. If you want to know what it feels like to be a wine collector, then you buying a wine fridge is the first step towards that direction.

  • Keeps Your Wine Fresher, Longer.

I believe this need is obvious and the first need when you desire to buy a wine refrigerator. The freshness in taste of a wine and its ability to last longer can be affected easily by the temperature of the room in which it is stored. Your room getting too cold or too hot puts your wine at the risk of losing its flavor. Wine coolers keep the temperature surrounding your wine bottles steady so you don’t to worry about your collections losing their flavor.

  • Isn’t Just For Wine.

Because they are called wine coolers and fridges doesn’t mean that they are built for wine alone. They also make good storage systems for nice oils and vinegars and any other beverages that can’t fit into the temperature of your regular refrigerators.

If you find any of these reasons interesting then it is time we talk about the type of wine coolers to look for.

How To Choose The Best Wine Coolers For Your Home

Types Of Wine Coolers And Refrigerators

I am very sure that the process of choosing the perfect wine cooler for your home can be a daunting task especially if this is the first time you are buying this gadget. The reason is because there are lots of options which can be great and confusing at same time in deciding which one to go for.

In the wine cooler market there are three known categories. This is why to help you make the right decision and choice there are some questions about your needs that you should answer.

Should I Get A Dual-Zone Wine Cooler Or A Single Temperature One?

Your taste bud and personal desire on the temperature of your wine will determine the right type of wine cooler for you. Some people prefer separate temperatures for white wine and red wine. Maybe the white wine can be taken chilled while the red wine at room temperature.

If you fall into the category of wine lovers that stick to either white or red wine then you should have no issue with going for single zone wine fridges. There are wine enthusiasts that love both and for them the dual zone wine coolers will be ideal for them since it helps store both types of wines at their ideal temperature.

Just as the name suggest, the dual zone wine coolers costs more than the single zone wine coolers. But if you think that the dual zone fridges are too pricy for you then you store both types of wine in one wine cooler. Experts recommend that both red and white wines should be stored in the same temperature range – that is about 55o even when the drinkers prefer to take them at different temperature.

So I will recommend from the storage perspective that the single zone wine coolers will work well for you if you have cost to think about. This does not, however, take away the uses of dual zone wine refrigerators if you have the funds to go for it.

Should I purchase a thermoelectric wine fridge or go with a more traditional compressor model?

This is another question that gets some people confused when trying to make a choice of wine coolers. Some people don’t even understand what it means for a wine fridge to be thermoelectric or compressor based.

The difference is simply in the fan and the slight noise that comes with it. Compressor based wine coolers come with fans and thermoelectric wine coolers does not. Both will do their jobs well but your needs at home will decide which one you need to go for.

For the compressor based wine cooling fridges you should expect a similar humming sound from them while in the thermoelectric models there is different technology that eliminated that humming sound which makes it use less electricity that compressor refrigerators. No fan means no vibration that leads to agitation of your wine collection which also another plus for thermoelectric fans.

I know you are already rooting for the thermoelectric wine coolers as of this moment but you shouldn’t be that fast in making your decision because compressor based wine coolers are not all that useless and wasteful.

Compressor based wine fridges are known to cool wines faster and better than compressor based coolers especially in homes that get very hot. So I don’t think that if your home falls into this class compressor base wine coolers will be ideal for your needs.

Looking at these differences, making the right choice of wine coolers is most times base on your priorities.

Thermoelectric wine coolers will make a lot of sense when:

  • You care a lot about how loud your appliances are.
  • Energy savings are important to you.
  • You only need a relatively small wine cooler.
  • Your home stays at a fairly consistent temperature.

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Compressor based wine coolers will be ideal for you if:

  1. You want something effective, and the noise level doesn’t bother you.
  2. You’re interested in a high-capacity model.
  3. The temperature of your home does not stay consistent.

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When you read enough reviews on certain thermoelectric wine fridges, you will notice that some users didn’t understand the temperature limitations. This is why you should know what you are going for if you decide to go the thermoelectric path and please do so if your home has a consistent temperature that is suitable for them.

Do I want a freestanding wine cooler or should I get one built into my home?

The difference between a freestanding wine cooler and a built-in wine cooler is that with the freestanding you can always put it anywhere there is space in your home or kitchen while the built-in requires that you do some remodeling for it.

So if you are not in the process of building your home or remodeling it, a freestanding wine cooler will make the most sense for your home. You don’t have to worry about getting a professional to install it for you as that of the built-in models. As its names suggest, just look for a space it fits in your home and put it there.

For the built-in wine coolers, you don’t need to worry about extra space or floor in your home to put it as it fits into any space it is put in. this is ideal for home owners that desire a clean look in their home or kitchen and you can be rest assured that the installation costs will be worth it.

There is however a limitation to the size you can choose from if you decide to go with a built-in model since you want something that will fit into the space you have available for it. You should also note that there are wine coolers that are specifically designed for built-in purposes so you need know what you are choosing. The reason is because if you install a freestanding wine cooler in a space meant for built-in ones the fridge will overheat. This is an important information that should be taken to heart when making a choice.

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 How To Choose The Best Wine Coolers For Your Home

Factors To Consider When You Want To Buy A Wine Cooler

We have looked at important factors that can help you make a decision of the best wine coolers and fridges that suit your need and home. However, I wish I can tell you that this is all there is to it.

There are other factors I will also want you to consider so that you can make the perfect choice of wine cooler to store your collection.

Let us take a look at some features to consider when you want to buy one.

  1. Size and Space

I believe that this is the first factor anyone trying to buy a wine cooler should consider, where you are going to be putting the fridge and the number of bottles you want it to store for you.

Wine fridges come in different sizes and number of bottles they can hold and store. So you need to prepare in advance the space they will contain or if you already have a space you think a wine fridge will fit in then you will have to go for the right one that fits it.

Some people have lots of wine collection that they are trying to find spaces for them, a wine cooler does not only store your wines and keep them at their optimum temperature, it saves you space in your home and keeps it organized.

Some people prefer freestanding wine coolers while others go for a more conservative means and that is where the built-in we talked about earlier come into play. If you are planning for a kitchen remodeling or you have already done so, then a built-in will work well for you just that you have to budget both for the fridge and installation cost.

  1. Cost

Like every gadget you know, the large and more complicated the functionalities are the higher the price. It all depends on what functions you are looking for your wine coolers to perform for you and how many bottles you want to store at same time.

Getting something that is more technologically advanced like the dual-zone wine cooler will definitely take more dollars from your pocket compared to the single-zone cooler. Depending on how you want your wine to be preserved both will do their job for you.

The built-in wine coolers will definitely top some hundreds of dollars (excluding the installation fee) when compared to the freestanding models.

All these costs related issues are what you should keep in mind when trying to buy the right wine cooler. You also have to consider shipping cost because they are pretty heavy which might up the fee and futuristic cost like the energy use and its costs. Some vendors however might offer you free shipping depending on the offer of the moment.

  1. Noise

It is rare to get an electronic gadget we own that does not already add to the noise pollution we experience at home. Your choice of wine coolers is not going to make it any less especially when you are going for the compressor based wine fridges.

If you know that the humming sound is one that you can ignore then you should by all means go for any model that suits your space and wallet. Just like we wrote earlier it cools better than thermoelectric based wine cooler and the heat of your home does not affect its function.

But if you have a home that has a steady temperature and you want to minimize the noise from your gadgets as much as possible, then the thermoelectric wine coolers should be ideal for you. The built-in technology they come with should deal with the humming sound.

Reviews of thermoelectric wine fridges show that they are ideal for people that are very sensitive to noise so you tend to see positive comments about them.

  1. Temperature

Your ideal temperature of how you want your wine to be served can also help you make a decision on the type of wine coolers you should buy.

For those that are using wine fridges primarily for storage, keeping the temperature at 55o should be ideal for them. There are, however, preferences to drinking and personal taste when it comes to serving temperature and that is your personal decision to make.

Most wine coolers will come with a temperature range of at least 45°-65°. Setting your desired temperature is up to you after you have made your purchase. You should check if the model you are buying comes with the temperature range that you prefer and be sure to go for the dual-zone if you are a lover of different types of wine served at different temperature.

  1. Style

Personally, I believe that anything that is worthy of taking up personal space in my home should look nice and I am sure same goes for you. Manufacturers already understand this, that is why most of their designs comes with sleek styles that fits into any modern kitchen coupled with the LED lights that displays as well as giving your wine collection a beautiful and attractive look from an external point of view. While you browse the links to wine coolers given to you, you are sure to find a whole lot of stylistic choices.

  1. Special Features:

Now let us take a look at some features that you should consider when you are choosing a wine cooler to buy.

  • Humidity control:

If your reason for buying a wine cooler is for long term storage then you have to consider the humidity controls on the fridges you are checking out. If the collection you have will be exhausted say in 6 months or less then you shouldn’t put much consideration to the humidity of the wine cooler. But if you want to age your wine and drink it down the line, then you should consider storing in conditions that will be just right for it to age well and not lose its flavor and humidity is one important factor for that need.

  • UV ray protection:

UV light has been known to harm wine over a period of time. This is why many wine coolers come with tinted glass doors and reduce greatly the level of exposure to UV rays and the in-built lights don’t emit UV. So if you are going to be positioning your wine fridge in a part of your home that gets some form of sunlight exposure, you should be sure to go for fridges with UV protection.

  • Digital thermostat:

This is how you are able to check if your wine cooler is working and keeping your collections at your desired temperature and enables you change it as needed.  Most wine fridges come with this feature.

 How To Choose The Best Wine Coolers For Your Home

Top 12 Popular Brands In The World Of Wine Coolers And Fridges

The wine cooling market is a competitive one for manufacturers. That is why they are trying to come out with durable, more technological and sleek designs to make their product desirable and get their fare share of the buyers’ market.

However, we will be helping you with top ten brands in the market so that you can be able to make your choice of wine fridge that is durable and works well. We will also help provide you with shortcuts on gaining idea of what to expect from different brands. This write-up is based mostly on customers’ experience with each brand so it feels like asking a neighbor what he/she feels about a just their just purchased wine cooler.

  1. Avallon Range Of Wine Coolers

Avallon range of built-in wine cooler products have been known to be sleek and come in different sizes. There also have some solid reviews from satisfied customers and from our end they get points for being quiet, functional and beautiful.

  1. Avanti Range Of Wine Coolers

If you are looking for a wide range of affordable freestanding wine coolers for your collection, then Avanti is the brand to check out – though not the only one in the market. Most of their reviews from major retailers are mostly positive ones one of which is the great prices that come with their products compared to size, capacity and functionality. Some user also made minor comments that it takes long time before needing replacements and how well the units function. Some models have been known to get praised of having space enough for an opened bottle of wine.

The most common complaint from customers is their thermoelectric models that don’t get colds as much as they will want them to. Some models have been said to not fit certain bottles without removing shelves. If you want to store a lot of champagne, you can expect the capacity to be lower than what was advertised. You should be clear on what you want when ordering a compressor or a thermoelectric model of wine cooler from Avanti.

  1. Danby Range Of Wine Coolers

With the Danby brand you are get both freestanding and built-in models of wine coolers depending on what you are looking for. Their units gets almost entirely positive reviews. We saw some complaints about noise but there are reviews that praised how quiet their wine coolers are (mostly from the same type of model).

  1. EdgeStar Range Of Wine Coolers

EdgeStar is another line of wine coolers that come in different sizes and types. Most of their products come with great reviews. Customers’ writer about how good they look, how well they work and how easy it is to install and they also come with great value for their prices. A couple of models has some reviews and complaints for their durability issues so as you browse through different models from the link we just provided you, be sure to check out their reviews before you make your purchase. We also saw some reviews that complained about some models coming with fewer bottles than advertised. This is most times common with many wine fridges. However, in general this brand has a positive feedback.

  1. Eurocave Range Of Wine Coolers

Eurocave is a popular brand that is known to build high-end wine coolers with especially large bottle capacities. The reviews are mostly mixed with buyers complaining about the problems considering the cost. Based on the reviews we’ve checked out, it seems that if you can get the one that works well, you can be assured that it will work for a long time. But if you get one that has got problems you might have issues with customer service and replacement parts.

  1. Frigidaire Range Of Wine Coolers

Frigidaire is not new in the world of wine coolers and most of their reviews are mixed. Most of their buyers are satisfied with the purchase  but complain of the coolers not fitting in as many bottles as they would have love it too – but this tends to be a common complaint with most wine cooler brands.

  1. Koldfront Range Of Wine Coolers

Koldfront is a wine brand that is known to sell affordable wine cooler and consumers are generally happy with it. Their products also get accolades for being quiet and known to work effectively with happens to be the deal buyers are looking for.

However, this does not mean their products are void of complaints. There are complaints about the durability of some models so you should ensure that you check out the review of each model when you check out the link provided to you before paying. Overall, the general review shows that the customers are happy with the product.

  1. Koolatron Range Of Wine Coolers

Judging by the reviews we saw on different models of Koolatron wine coolers, you get to see that they are mixed. Some customers say they love the purchases and the product works great while there are consumers that complain about the durability of some models. That is to say that some models are better than others in terms of durability fronts.

This is why you should take time to read the reviews of any models you are checking out before you make your purchase.

  1. Magic Chef Range Of Wine Coolers

Wine cooling gadget is not the only specialty of this brand but a combination of wine and beverages cooling systems too. Their reviews from customers are mixed – some consumers praise their product that they work great and last a long time while there are people that complain that their parts break down quickly. On the whole we found more positive review than negative ones.

Summit brand of wine fridges also come with their mixed customer reviews. On the whole we see their reviews moving towards a positive direction because most of their customers that are happy with their wine coolers usually give them a 5-star rating. We also saw some reviews about coolers not lasting as long as they want and for being too loud.

There aren’t reviews on this line of wine coolers to access it as of the time we were writing this post. But we found some reviews of customers praising their products for looking great because they like the design and are happy about the amount of storage provided. Most of the also say their coolers work well.

Vinotemp range of wine coolers comes with mixed reviews also. We found some instance of buyers praising their models for looking great, working well and being efficient. We also found a few of them complaining of their coolers breaking down within a year or two. Their units are affordable and most users are happy with the value for the amount spent purchasing their wine coolers.

In Conclusion

If you love wine and lots of them for immediate consumption or for the purpose of aging them, if you want a means to maintain the flavor of your wine while keeping your home organized, then investing in a wine cooler will be a worthy one.

With the right wine cooler at your disposal, you can be rest assured that you wine collection will always be available to you fresh and at the right temperature.

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