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These 12 Survival Food Will Keep You Alive In Desperate Times

These 12 Survival Food Will Keep You Alive In Desperate Times

It is common knowledge that the average American has enough food to last him or her for three days.

So should desperate times occur, after three days you might find yourself with some hunger issues to deal with especially if you have a family to support?

As a survivalist, if you have extra money at hand, it would be wise to invest in food storage that can last for years and solve the problem of hunger issues for you and your family.

Here Are 12 Survival Foods That Last For Years And That Can Keep You Alive

  1. Baby formula:

I know for some people this will sound weird but the truth remains that baby formulas are designed to provide the newborn with all the nutrients needed to grow healthy and strong. They can serve as reliable sources of nutrients for preppers and survivors during desperate times.

Powdered infant baby formula seemed to taste better than powder milk and will be better for you.

Besides, you cannot tell if by then there will be babies around that you can be of help to you.

If you are storing baby formula, you should ensure that you have clean and sterilize water to reconstitute it.

If you can’t lay your hands on baby formula then protein powder will serve as another option.  Even if you can’t use it on babies, they work well for adults and grown up children.

  1. White flour

It is common knowledge that white flour can last for years and has a surprising amount of protein in it.

Historical it was known that people that lived alone on flour diet had trouble with nutritional deficiencies, but modern flour now has vitamins and minerals added to it.

What is more important is that flour can last forever if were preserved in a sealed and dry environment.  Besides, you can eat flour for years and not know the difference.

A mixture of flour, water, salt and yeast gives you bread and this can keep you and your family alive for as long as possible.

  1.  Coconut oil

Apart from flour, coconut oil is ready source of fat that will go a long way boosting your mood and filling your stomach.

This natural product is known to last for years because it has a long shelf life.  Manufacturers of this product may tell you that its taste will never change two years after you bought it.

That is on the manufacturer’s level, but what remains the truth that it can last longer than that.  You most likely will not notice any taste difference five years after you’ve bought it, that is if you store it properly.

Unlike many other sources of oil, coconut oil is known to taste better for cooking.  Besides, a mixture of mashed coconut powder and a bit of sugar gives you a ready source of energy with no cooking required.

  1. Salt

Salt is known as one of the most important survival foods, but the truth is that you don’t need much salt to stay alive.

You just need a little salt to stay healthy and you need to adjust a little bit from a salt heavy diet.

The most important reason that might make you want to store salt is because of its ability to help you preserve food.

If you happen to lay your hands on meat, salt is the only thing you need to keep it from spoiling.

Before you get a desperate situation, your stored food can become a life saver for you, it is important to learn how to store food sources without refrigeration, meat being one of them.

  1. Home canned fruits and vegetable

I know some people might be asking if canning food is possible at home rather than buying it.

Well it is very possible, you can store your fruits and vegetable and even meat in a canning jar.

Besides that you canned it yourself, you can do it properly. And if you learn how to can food, you can survive on it for your longtime.

If you’re going to be spending money to buy survival foods, I would recommend you buy dried fruits and meat because they are light and portable.

A store filled with dried fruits, dried meat and clean water can be more versatile than canned food.

Besides in the cold climate, your canned foods can freeze except you have them stored in temperature-controlled environments.

Canned foods are very important for survival because they need no cooking; all you have to do is open and start eating.

The convenience alone makes it very important to have around.

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  1. Dried fruits and meats

 Like we’ve written earlier, dried fruits and meats are known to be versatile can be eaten or be cooked with stew.

What makes better off than others is that they are light and can be travelled with in the case of emergency?

Besides, where there is shortage of food supply, dried fruits will help keep your digestive system healthy.

In a situation where white flour happens to be the most common survival food, having some dried fruits around to compliment them will keep you happier and healthier.

  1.  Peanut Butter

Apart from the fact that it is a comfort food, it is a major source of protein and healthy fat that can keep you and your family alive and healthy for as long as possible.

A sealed container can last for years and it can be eaten right out of the container for a quick energy boost.

  1.  Vitamins

In a situation where there is limited supply of food, nutritional deficiencies can destroy your health.

Desperate time demands that you make necessary preparations to ensure that you prevent debilitating deficiencies in your food.

A single cheap bottle of multivitamin can help you deal with this problem and help you focus more on surviving on caloric food rather than eat vitamin content.

Most vitamins brands are known to have way more than recommended daily dose of key vitamins that we need per person.

Having a few of them around can help in improving your health and that of your family dramatically.

  1. Granola

I’m insisting you go with granola even if there are other stable snack foods that also have long shelf life.

My reasoning is this, a cup of granola is known to have about 700 calories and at same time it is nutritionally balanced.

A mixture of whole grains with nuts and sugars means that this is a complete source of food for anyone that wants to survive on a  balanced diet.

We also have to consider the fact that it has a long shelf life and it’s light and portable.

  1. Dry Beans And Rice

Both of these foods should be kept at hand because together they form the complete protein and source of energy to keep you and your family alive.

With about $20, you can buy enough to fill 5 gallon which can keep you alive for at least a month.

If you have enough fuel to cook these are great sources of protein and energy to have with you.

  1.  Sugar

When stored properly, sugar is known to last for years and besides it is cheap and can easily be bought from the stores around.

Though an excellent source of energy, during desperate times, sugar can be very scarce its importance cannot be overemphasized.


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