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What Is The Most Common Type Of Wine Coolers And Fridges In The Market? Found It

How To Choose The Best Wine Coolers For Your Home

Types Of Wine Coolers And Fridges

The aim of this post is to teach you types of wine coolers and refrigerators in the market, so that you know what you are looking and make the best choice when you buy.

Some people are new in the wine world and will want to do their best to learn everything there is to know about wine ranging from wine tasting, aging, storage, preservation and cooling.

In this post we shall be talking about different types of wine coolers – the reason is because they all do the same job doesn’t mean that all have the same specification and build.

They have their models, brands, number of bottles they can hold, different ways of being installed and their cooling systems.

It is important that you know each of these functions and compare them to your need so that you don’t buy a wine fridge that is not suitable for your purpose and floor space made available for placement.

Now let us take a look at different types of wine refrigerators in the market to help you understand them more.

Countertop Wine Coolers And Fridges:

Countertop Wine Coolers And Fridges

This is the type of wine cooler that you need to go for if you want to store a small collection of wine at optimum temperature and condition. It also serves you best of if you have limited floor space to spare.

Another reason why wine enthusiasts go for this type of wine cooler is that they need to keep their collection close to them for immediate consumption – that is they don’t intend to store the wine for a long period of time. Though you might have a wine cellar but need to keep your most expensive wine collection close to you and in a separate storage system, then a countertop wine refrigerator is one that you should go for.

This model of wine cooler can store between 4 to 24 bottles of wine. Though they come in various sizes depending on what your needs are, you should be sure of the space you have available for your wine cooler before ordering the dimension that best suit that space.

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Built-in Wine Coolers And Fridges


What Is The Most Common Type Of Wine Coolers And Fridges In The Market? Found It

This again is a model built for people that don’t have enough floor space to spare in their home. However, you should know that of all models of wine coolers that are in the market, this type of wine coolers are the most expensive. Let’s say you are looking for a 25 bottle wine cooler to buy, the built-in model will be more expensive than the freestanding model.

Someone might ask why this is so, the reason is because this type of wine fridges is built with a special cooling system for its components. It is built to be installed in closed and tight spaces so will need to cool itself because of less ventilation. Also you have to budget their installation cost because they can only be installed by professionals to avoid problems later on.

Do not make the mistake of installing a freestanding wine fridge in a space meant for built-in wine coolers because you want to save cost. You will incur extra expenses from this act as implication because a freestanding wine cooler will overheat when installed in closed spaces and you might end up ruining your collection of wine.

Freestanding wine coolers are designed for open spaces with lots of ventilation while built-in wine fridges where designed to work perfectly in closed spaces.

I hope that this explanation is clear and you understand what I am saying perfectly? If you do then let’s move over to the next type of wine cooler but if you think that built-in refrigerators are what you need then

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Freestanding Wine Coolers And Refrigerators

What Is The Most Common Type Of Wine Coolers And Fridges In The Market? Found It

Freestanding fridges are another type of wine coolers you should go for you have enough floor space to spare in your home. This model is indeed very popular and more around the middle price range but again, it depends on what your needs are and how many bottles you intend to store at a time.

This type of wine cooler comes in different sizes so you should make sure that the floor space you have available will contain what you are looking for and want to buy. That being said, as long as you have some floor space to spare, you will always find something that suits your need.

There are lots and different types of compact wine coolers that can take advantage of that little space you have at home. Some you can place it pretty much anywhere you like in your home as long as it adds some sleek touch to your décor.

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Cooling Systems In Wine Coolers And Refrigerators

Kalamera Wine Cooler 24-Inch Built-In/Freestanding Review And Buy Guide

The primary role of any wine cooler is to cool your wine at a constant temperature while retaining their flavor and bouquet no matter for how long you intend to store them.

The humidity level should also be left constant so that the cork doesn’t get damaged and your wine affected negatively.

Wine fridges though all have this primary function of cooling your wine do have their unique way of carrying out this function. There are two main cooling systems in almost all brands of wine coolers in the market and both types of cooling systems have their advantages and disadvantages.

We shall be taking a look at them so that you can compare their functions with your need so as to know which is best to buy for utmost satisfaction.

Compressor Based Cooling System

A type of wine fridge with a compressor based cooling system comes with a fan as part of that cooling system. This means that if you go for this type of wine cooler, you have to get used to its humming sound coming from the cooling system doing its job of preserving your collection.

If you are worried about this slight humming sound, you should not go for this model but I will advise against it for two reasons only:

One is that if you have a large collection of wine to store, a compressor base wine cooler will be the best option for you because they are more powerful to do the job. Besides to deal with the humming sound you can place the wine in your living room or parts of your home where the humming sound can be negligible.

The second reason is that compressor base wine coolers are built to work under harsh condition even when the temperature of your home is not steady. This is unlike thermoelectric fridges that work well under steady temperature but need to be placed where they can get lots of ventilation to avoid overheating.

Some people are worried about the vibration that comes from the fan system which might agitate the wine, but recent technology has been able to deal with this issue thereby reducing the vibration to the barest minimum.

Personally I don’t mind the humming sound that is why I prefer this type of wine cooler but have a thermoelectric wine cooler for my small collections.

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Thermoelectric Cooling System

Thermoelectric cooling system in wine coolers comes with a technology that deals with the sound and vibration that comes from compression based wine coolers.

No fan means no humming sound and less noise. It also means no vibration therefore no agitation of your wine collection.

This technology also used less energy should in case you are trying to save cost on energy. But like I wrote earlier, they don’t work efficiently in fluctuating room temperature and need to be placed where they can get lots of ventilation.

You see the best of this wine cooler in models that store a small collection of wine though they are models built to store large collection of wine because manufacturers are improving on this technology every day.

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Single And Dual Zone Wine Coolers And Fridges

As the name suggest, single means one and dual means two. That is to say that when you buy a single zone wine cooler, you have for yourself a fridge that stores all your wine collections at a single temperature. The dual zone means that the wine cooler is divided into two and these two compartments can store wines at different temperatures.

There are ideal storage temperature for different types of wine and if you want to store more than one type (say red and white wine), then this is the wine fridge for you.

You have to understand what your needs are so that you know what you are going for before you make your purchase.

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In Conclusion

It is my belief that you are no more a novice when it comes to understanding your wine coolers and making a selection of model that best suits your need.

However, you should know that apart from the number of bottles you intend to store in your wine cooler and your budget for it, you can go for a model that has as combination of more than one factor stated here.

You can buy a built-in wine cooler that has either a thermoelectric or compressor based cooling system. You can also buy a freestanding wine cooler that is either thermoelectric or compressor base. You can also have a built-in wine fridge that either thermoelectric or compressor base with a single or dual zone cooling compartment. Same goes for a freestanding wine refrigerator.

Most factors that determine the one that will serve you best are your budget, installation space, number of bottles you intend to store at a time and the type of cooling system that best suit your home.

When you finish making these considerations, you should be able to make your choice and buy a wine cooler that will give you the satisfaction you desire.

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