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When Storm Destroys Power Grid In Your City: What To Do

When Storm Destroys Power Grid In Your City: What To Do

During cold weathers and winter, electricity happens to be one important factor that helps in keeping our homes warm.

But what would you do in a situation where there is a storm that destroyed the power grid in your state or city?

Most people see their power grid as being strong enough to stand any storm and reliable. What they are not aware of is that these grids are as delicate as they can get and you never can tell what might happen when a powerful storm comes in from the Atlantic dumping huge piles of snow in your city.

This is why you have to be prepared for a life without electricity if you are to keep your home and family warm until power is restored in your community.

Here are some of the emergency tools you need in your home kit that can help keep your family safe.

Emergency Tools For Life Without Electricity During Winter Or Storm

Wood Burning Stove:

If you’ve ever taken your time to learn about the number of death toll in places that were worst hit by storms, you will see that most death were as s result of families making desperate efforts to keep their home warm.

Some of them burn solid fuel or leave their diesel generator on in their homes and both means of staying warm leads to carbon monoxide poisoning.

This is why you need to have a burning stove in your home that limits the level of emission to the barest minimum while keeping your home warm.

See some of the tops quality wood burning stoves

Reliable lantern

You need to have light in your home since there is no electricity. There are lots of options you can choose from depending on what you want and how much lighting you need in your home.

Here are some options you can check out:


Even after getting your preferred choice of flashlight or you already have a couple of them in your home, have you taken you time to check the batteries and see for how long they can last?

In a situation like damaged power grids you will need batteries and lots of them so do make sure you go for some of the best.

You can also go for rechargeable batteries that you can recharge by cranking with the use of solar. But I highly doubt there would be any sun when a storm hits so you might need to go for the crank or 12 volt adapters that you can use to charge the batteries in your car while driving.

Some recommendations for you:

Drums For Storing Clean Water:

You want to be able to have access to clean water to you will need at least a 55 gallon drum to be able to store clean water.

The storm might be so bad and continue for the whole day that there might not be enough water for you and your family and it might be risky to try to go out and get some bottled water.

So I guess that it is only fair that you have a means of storing clean water in your home to prevent any situation that might leave you feeling thirsty with no means of help being close.

Check out this 55 gallon water drum

There is also the lifestraw water filter that you can use if you are in the woods and thirsty but unable to drink from a water source you don’t trust.

This product should be able to filter the water as you draw on it.

Hand Pump Water Filter

The drum is huge so you will need a hand pump that you can use to safely siphon water from the drum to a cup or pot for drinking and cooking.

You don’t want to dip different things in your water source so as to avoid contaminating your water.

This heavyduty water hand pump should work just fine for your home.

Survival Foods

With no electricity and not knowing how long it will take the storm to pass and how long it will take to get the electricity back on, your stored foods in the fridge might get damaged.

You need to have survival foods that can last for months in your home during winter so that you can have something to eat at least until it is safe to go out again or until the power is back on.

Check out this survival food with 330 servings to keep you filled till the power comes back on.

When you visit the page, you will find lots of other options that you can choose from.

First Aid Kits:

Due to panic as a result of electricity blackout, there is a possibility of injuries from you, a loved one or a neighbor.

First aid kits are important in situations like these, at least until medical help arrives. If the storm is bad, you know that it might be almost impossible to the emergency team to reach your home; at least not until the storm passes away.

Simple things like this emergency first aid kit can become a life saver for you and people around you.

Check out the best first aid kits

Examples About Power Loss That Taught Us Lessons in The Past

I first talked about a situation like this when I published a post on how survivors are able to stay alive should there be an EMP attack that wiped out electrical grid.

While it sounds like a fiction, there no one that is saying it is impossible. You should be able to prepare yourself for the worst case scenario; because by then, simple things like a lighter, survival knives and razor might become life savers.

In that post I talked about what happen in February 2010 in the United States when a powerful storm dumped about 5 feet of snow within a space of 5 days.

Power grids got knocked out and more than 200,000 homes were without electricity and left in darkness for days. Majority of the death toll including a father and his daughter that died was because of burning the wrong fuel to stay warm. This resulted to carbon monoxide poisoning that lead to their deaths.

You can read the post by clicking here.

After reading the post, you should be able to understand the importance of getting prepared for a life without electricity should a situation like that occur.

You don’t want to be taken unaware and be unable to take care of yourself and family if you have loved ones to keep safe.

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