Can you ask a girl out if you don’t know her?

You can definitely ask a girl you don’t know out but the issue remains that you might not get a positive response at first.

Depending on how you go about it, it is also possible that you might be seen as a freakshow or an interesting guy that is worth checking out.

 It is natural for a girl’s defense to be high towards a  guy she’s just meeting for the first time or knows little about.

 How you are able to get her to be comfortable around you will determine if she would say yes to your proposal or not.

 It is easier to make strangers feel comfortable around you if you are able to make them laugh. The same goes for a girl you are trying to ask out.

The ability to talk to strangers and make a good first impression while striking an interesting personality in the process will determine how much they are able to positively respond to your advances.

First impressions matter a lot whether you are dealing with a girl or not.

A mysterious personality triggers an emotional response that drives her to want to get to know you more.

But first, to decrease your chances of being rejected or accepted after a couple of trials, it becomes necessary to teach yourself how to talk to female strangers.

How to talk to a girl you are just meeting for the first time

It takes a good amount of information you have about a girl to learn the best way to ask her out.

For a girl that you don’t know that much about, you might have to give yourself some time to learn a few things about her before you can ask her out.

If you’re in a hurry and she’s probably someone you might not see again, then the information you have at the moment, probably with the people she’s in company with, or the kind of dress she is putting on will help you know how to strike up a conversation.

The aim of gathering as much information as you can about her for that moment is with the aim of coming up with pick-up lines that will not portray you as a casanova but as an interesting person.

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The girl that you don’t know much about, it’s easier to break the ice and get her to be more comfortable with you if you can make her laugh.

A good sense of humor is one of the fastest ways to get acquainted with someone and get them to feel comfortable around you.

But if she is someone that you might get to see often, probably in your office or neighborhood, then I’ll recommend you take things slow.

It makes sense to first be her friend or someone you get to talk to whenever you have the opportunity.

While trying to be a friend or an acquaintance, ensure that you don’t get locked up in the friendzone.

The more both of you get to know each other better, the easier it is for you to use signals and your discussions to pass a message that you would like to go out with her.

It’s best to let a woman know your intentions earlier and let her decide if you’re the kind of person she would want to take seriously or not.

Getting as much information as you can about her will also save you some stress because it is possible that she is already in a committed relationship.

Unless she’s not satisfied with her current partner and you display the potential of meeting up to her fears and insecurities about her current relationship, she might not go out with you.

Whether she is in a serious relationship or available to go out with anyone, it is important that you display a positive first impression which makes it easy for her to give you attention the next time you meet her.

There are no particular steps that are definite and effective when talking to a girl you don’t know before.

That said, many of us have over the years mastered the ability to talk to strangers and get them to at least give us their number because we would love to have a few drinks with them.

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From experience, I come to realize that the possibility of being turned down the first time is high so rejection is not a reason to give up.

If you’re trying to ask a girl you don’t know out, while you are at it, have it in mind that your request might be rejected.

If she is someone you can meet on a daily basis, it is now necessary to play your game right;  get as much information as you can about her to help you craft out the best method to get her to go out with you.

What women want in a man

Before you think of chasing girls and wondering what it takes to be more successful in getting them to go out with you, you have to understand that there are certain things one can do to increase the chances of being accepted.

Even if you’re that good with pick-up lines, at a later time a woman will see through you and understand that you are not the kind of person she really wants.

This is one of the reasons why a lady might be in a relationship but be open to another one.

Once a woman finds the qualities she desires in a man, she truly falls in love and commits to the relationship because some qualities are rare to find in men.

Here are some of these qualities and it is very possible to develop them in some effort.


Even if she is your girlfriend, wife, or just meeting her for the first time, confidence is an important aspect that they find admirable.

It’s not just about the confidence to talk to a woman you’re meeting for the first time, it is about the confidence to face life.

Even if she decides to go out with you, women are that good at sensing confidence in a man.

If you have issues with confidence, it is recommended that you begin to work on yourself to develop it to a healthy level.


The next personality trait a woman loves in a man is empathy.

You must be willing to put yourself in her position.

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Women want you to understand them, want you to care for them and they want you to be kind.

You might be arrogant at first and they confuse you for being confident. But,  at a later time, they will see you for who you are and break up with you.

Developing empathy proves that you are human and women love and value men that are not afraid to show their vulnerability.


Of course, she will value the fact that you are competitive enough to fight for her attention and love.

A woman will not only value competitiveness to win them over but also towards life 

You must prove to her that you are goal-oriented and success-minded.

The natural instinct of a woman drives her to fall in love with a man that shows the potential to take care of her offspring.

It is also the reason why they love men that show confidence and ordercity towards life.

The man that is goal-oriented, success-minded, a hard worker, and that knows what he wants from life will find attracting women to himself easy.


Women love men with potential, men that show the prospect of being something more than they are at the moment.

They look out for these qualities in a man before deciding to take him seriously.

It’s not just processing talent and skill but your ability to show seriousness in developing them and using them to achieve something great in your life.

Ever wonder why success seems attractive to women even though it’s beginning to look as if those women are gold diggers?

It’s not just about looking good, but it’s a natural order of things.

Women love successful men or men that show the potential of being successful.

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