Cold Personality Traits And Characteristics

What are the characteristics of a cold personality? 

What are the traits you see in people that are called cold?

Who is a cold hearted person?

When someone has the character traits of a cold personality such a person acts like they don’t feel like a regular human being. 

They see others as being oversensitive and emotional issues disgust them which is why they are most times detached from people. 

Their inability to feel drives them away from others because to them normal emotions are not necessary – they are not normal, they are erratic.

Can a Cold-Hearted Person Love?

When you are a cold-hearted person, it can be almost impossible to love or fall in love. 

The reason being that most of the character traits you see in people with a cold personality shows that they don’t have the capability to feel like a regular human. 

They act numb to emotional issues and don’t know what it’s like to reciprocate an honest emotion offered to them.

 Being cold-hearted proves that people like this suffer from some form of mental disorder or bad childhood experiences which has affected their ability to reciprocate love.

It is also possible that a person like this has experienced heartbreaks in the past which has affected his ability to love.

How Do You Make A Cold Hearted Man Fall In Love With You?

Unless there is a reprogramming of mindset through positive affirmations and willingness to change, it is almost impossible to get this person to love.

Waiting for a cold-hearted personality to fall in love with you can be a very long wait. Unless you have decided to be patient, I recommend you move on with your life.

A cold-hearted man can only fall in love if he deems it necessary to change his mindset and give love a trial. 

But first, he has to be the one to make the first move because reciprocating love takes effort and building a relationship takes work and commitment.

If a cold hearted man is not willing to put in the work, it is of no use falling in love or entering into that relationship in the first place.

19 Character Traits Of A Cold Personality

  1. They are uncaring and unempathetic. 

One character trait of a cold personality is that these people don’t care about the emotions of others; they are unempathetic and don’t see the need to understand your emotions.

You can as well cry for hours in their presence and they would take it that you are being too erratic or overreacting. 

They don’t process emotions like normal people do so do not expect any form of reaction from them whenever you are emotional.

  1. They are distant and detached.

Whenever you are with people with a cold personality, you will observe that they’re always distant and detached emotionally.

You expect them to be connected to the situation around them or to you if you’re dating them, but you still observe that a cold-hearted person will care less about what’s going on around them.

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They are always focus on themselves and feel whatever they want to feel what you feel around them doesn’t matter, it is not important.

  1. They come across as superior and unkind.

People with a cold personality have character traits of a mean personality. They often come out as superior and because they have little or no capability to show love.

They most times seem like they are unable to show kindness. Expecting them to be nice to you is practically fruitless because their minds are not built that way.

  1. They are often self-centered and self-absorbed.

It is only a self-centered and a self-absorbed person that would not care about the emotions of people around them. That is why they don’t care if you are happy or sad. They can leave you out in the cold without wondering if they’ve hurt you or not.

All they care about is themselves and how they feel. What others think or feel does not concern them. That is what you get with a cold personality.

  1. They are untrusting and untrustworthy.

Anybody that is self-centered and thinks only of himself will find it difficult trusting someone else. Not being able to trust is one trait of a cold personality. 

A cold-hearted person is in his own world and lives there alone. Strangers are not allowed which is why they rarely have close friends and are unable to keep a relationship.

Pushing people away is common with a cold personality because he has refused to connect emotionally with others.

  1. They are self-reliant and stubborn.

Stubbornness of a cold personality is only expected. Since they are in their own world, trying to get them to see reasons with you is almost impossible.

They feel like gods in their world and will take nothing different from another person. This is how they are able to rely on themselves to provide all their emotional and psychological needs

  1. They are controlling.

When a person doesn’t care about your feelings and is not ready to see things your way, a person like this can only force you to do what he wants.

Being too controlling is one character trait of a cold personality. If you are in a relationship with a cold-hearted person, the direction that relationship will take will always be theirs. A cold person cares not what you feel so your input is not needed.

You either take it or leave – either way, he gets it done his way.

  1. They are likely to betray others.

People with a cold personality are not to be trusted because of their self-centeredness. Since they only care about themselves and not give a damn about what others feel, if betraying you serves their purpose they will betray you.

Apologizing is not their style so don’t expect them to say “I’m sorry” after they are done. That is unless the apology serves their selfish purpose.

  1. They are repeat offenders.

A selfish person that never cares about the feelings of people to be called friends are most likely to repeat errors made in the past.

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Don’t expect it to stop because it wouldn’t. Your emotions and requests don’t count so even after apologizing, they will repeat the same offense on purpose.

  1. They are manipulative.

People with a cold personality are very manipulative. Being a self-centered and self-absorbed person, if deceiving you is what it takes for him to achieve his purpose, he will do what is necessary even pretend that he truly cares about you just to get your cooperation.

After the mission has been accomplished, he goes back to his cold self, not caring about the pain or damage he has just caused you.

  1. They are destructive.

It’s important that you break communication and relationship with someone that has a cold personality for your own sake. 

Apart from being manipulative, they have destructive tendencies which makes you the first person to receive the impact of their actions.

Their quest to achieve goals that only favors them makes you a sacrificial lamb. They will give you up when it is necessary to sacrifice someone for that purpose.

  1. They are soul-crushing. 

 Someone with a cold personality can cause damages to your life so great that it might be almost impossible to recover from them.

It is easier for them to cause you this damage because you insist on staying close to them and cutting off your relationship/friendship with this person.

Since you are close enough for them to manipulate you, resisting their charm is very difficult, which is how they are able to cause you enough damage.

  1. They see others as oversensitive.

Reacting emotionally to events around you is normal but seen as an overreaction to someone with a cold personality. A cold-hearted person doesn’t feel like others because they are stuck in their own world. 

Anything different from what they feel or know is not accepted and their reaction can be vague.

  1. They rarely apologize.

Because a cold personality does not react normally to emotions and how you feel apologizing when you do something wrong is almost difficult for them.

It takes lots of conviction for them to see the need to say sorry – that is if it serves their purpose.

  1. They’re quick to move on. 

If you’ve been dating a cold-hearted person, after a break-up, it is quite easy for them to move on.

They don’t have the capabilities to feel the way people that are in love feel when they break up. This makes it quite easy for them to move on with their lives as if the last few months or years you’ve been with them meant nothing to them.

They are not ready to meet up to your expectations emotionally so even after breaking up with them do not be surprised to see him with another person the very next day because that is who they are

  1. They’re unmoved by love stories and emotional movies. 

Love has not been their style for as long as I can remember. Which is why they don’t really watch love movies or are moved by the scenes. You can notice people like this in cinemas when the majority of the audience are reacting emotionally to certain scenes in the movie and a cold hearted person is sitting there like a log of wood looking at the screen and watching how people around them are overreacting.

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To them, this kind of reaction doesn’t make sense and is very unnecessary.

  1. They’re quick to leave you out in the cold. 

There are expectations that are required from a partner that is truly in love with you, which is the ability to react to your emotions especially when you are sad or angry.

Do not expect this type of reaction from someone with a cold personality. Even when you react angrily to something wrong they did or when you are sad or crying, they can actually walk out on you and leave you in the cold.

  1. They typically remain single. 

Their inability to show emotions, love someone and stay in a relationship is the reason why the cold hearted personality can remain single for as long as possible.

It is very possible that they are not making an effort to keep the relationships. They are in their own world. They don’t have the ability to reciprocate emotions offered towards them.

Because of their inability to reciprocate love, they directly or indirectly push the people that care about them away. Which is why they are most times single.

  1. They don’t like PDA. 

This is a strong telltale sign of a cold personality. Public display of affection is not their style and they tend to shy away from you if you attempt to publicly show that both of you are in love.

It can be that they have your eyes on someone else and will not want you to spoil their plan. Being committed in the first place has never been their style so publicly displaying their love and affection for you it’s almost impossible.

Can a Cold-Hearted Person Change?

It is very possible for a cold-hearted person to change but it is very rare and takes a lot of work. Most importantly, this person must be open-minded and be willing to learn new things that seem strange to him.

The key to becoming a better person is your ability to realize that you need help. It is only then can they see the need to allow new traditions into their mindset.

Realizing they need help is the only way for them to take great steps in becoming a better person.

Unless a cold-hearted personality is unable to make this acceptance for change, he might not change for the better but continue in his selfish and self-centered ways.

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