Hot and Cold Personality Traits And Characteristics

There is a distinct personality difference between hot and cold people. We will look at them in this post for a better understanding.

There are lots of negatives when a cold personality is being analyzed and a hot personality possesses the traits that are the solutions to what you can get with the cold counterpart.

Your personality makes up a bulk of who you and affects how you see life and your relationship with the people around you.

For a cold personality, it takes personal effort to change because that is the only way for a person like this to start taking steps to become a better version of himself.

Comparison of a Hot and Cold Personality

  1. Relationship

On the topic of relationships, people with a cold personality are distant and detached. They don’t know how to care for someone and don’t have the capability to show emotions.

Their ability to push people closest to them away is the reason why they are most times single. A cold personality is in his own world and sees things only his way. 

A hot personality on the other hand can be very involved emotionally in a relationship to the extent that he can be seen as too controlling.

If you want to be in a relationship with someone that is termed to have a hot personality, you need patience and be ready to be fully involved because they don’t share.

  1. Love

 A person with a cold personality is almost incapable of love. If they pretend they love you then it is because they want something from you. Manipulating you becomes necessary for the endgame.

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After breaking up, a cold personality moves on like time spent together with him means nothing. They have not been emotionally attached in the first place which is why moving on is easy for them.

A hot personality on the other hand as very much involved in their love life. They will provide you all the attention and care you need.

Sometimes, their constant presence can be seen as choking which can be a turnoff in any relationship.

  1. Empathy

Unlike a cold personality, people with a hot personality have the ability to consider another person’s emotions when taking action.

A cold personality on the other hand doesn’t have that luxury. Causing damage to your life is very possible and they are repeat offenders.

Apologizing is not their style unless it suits their ultimate purpose and aims. When that is not the case, your emotions are never brought into consideration in their dealings with you.

  1. Trust

People with a hot personality are trusting and are ready to go into a serious partnership with you if it is necessary. A cold personality on the other hand is not that trusting.

They understand what it takes to backstab people that easily trust them and would not want to be in the same situation where they too are disappointed.

  1. Manipulative

Being manipulative is not one of the many traits of a hot personality because they always mean business in anything they do. A cold personality on the other hand lives for manipulation. They don’t have the capability to feel and consider your emotions so whatever it takes to achieve their end goal will be applied. 

  1. Apology
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After they are done with you, a cold-hearted person will see no need to apologize to you because empathy has never been a trait they possess.

A hot personality will always apologize where necessary. Manipulation is not their style which makes it almost difficult for them to get into the situation where they have to apologize in the first place.

What’s Your Take?

From these comparisons, what do you think is the best route to finding a balance between these two personalities? A cold personality needs to make frantic efforts for adjustments and this is possible if he is willing to be open-hearted to change.

A hot personality on the other hand needs to apply caution so as not to be self-sacrificing. 

It is more about finding a balance.

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