How do you casually ask a girl out?

One casual way of asking a girl out is by getting tickets to a show by her favorite band or artist and asking her if she can come along with you.

It works effectively also if you can get tickets to a movie premiere that she can’t wait to watch.

Very few more casual ways to ask a girl out but from personal experience, this is what has worked best for me.

Girls go crazy about their favorite artists or bands and would gladly go out with a guy that is able to provide tickets to these shows.

That said, you mustn’t wait till there is a show in town for a movie premiere before you can casually ask a girl out.

The amount of information you have about her can help you with tips on how to come up with ideas for a date.

If she’s someone you’ve known for a while and you are aware of her favorite bar or restaurant,  you can text her a message asking if she wants something for her favorite bar or restaurant so you can get it for her since you know she’s busy.

 I understand you want her to go out with you but the trick behind this idea is that if she’s not busy she will meet you at her favorite place.

 I am sure she wouldn’t turn down a few drinks and a nice meal at her favorite location.

This way, both of you can spend some quality time together.

How about a girl you’ve known for a while and don’t know how to go about asking her to go out with you.

For this scenario, we can get creative about it.

 It’s about testing her desire to go out with you and if this is an idea that she fancies, this tip I’m about to give you might work out easily.

The idea is simple. You can ask her to play a game with you, if she loses, she goes out on a date with you and if you lose, both of you can go anywhere she wants.

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 Hey, she smart enough to have an idea of what you want and she’ll definitely oblige to the game if she thinks you’re a nice guy to hang out with?

She can either decide to win or lose the game, anyway, she gets to go out with you.

These are some ideas on how to casually ask a girl out and I hope it helps you with a step forward. There are many more ideas but most importantly, it depends on how creative you can be.

But If She Refuses To Go Out With You

You shouldn’t stress it if the response was negative, after all your casual request can be turned down for reasons known to her.

There are a couple of factors that can lead to this and how much effort you should put into getting her to change your mind would depend on how much you really like her and her reasons for turning down your request.

If you’re not too emotionally attracted to her, it is possible that you can try your luck with someone else because she’s not the only girl in town.

But if you insist on understanding why she can turn you down, then there is a couple of reasons for this.

Here are some of them.

  1. She’s committed to her present relationship

It can be difficult to get a lady that is in a committed relationship to go out with you.

She is not to be blamed and it doesn’t mean you are not the kind of guy she wants but the security she gets from our current partner is much better than breaking up with him to start afresh with you.

Building a solid relationship takes work.

If both of them have spent a good amount of time together, enough to understand that they can take their relationship to the next level, it is not expected that she would abandon that ship to check you out; unless she has some insecurities about the relationship and feel like you can meet up to those needs.

  1. She’s recovering from a heartbreak and needs time
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A lady that is just recovering from heartbreak might have a hard time giving another relationship a chance.

She may need some time to recover so she doesn’t get into a rebound.

Turning you down doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not a nice guy or qualified to be the kind of person she wants to spend time with.

What she needs is patience and understanding. 

You need to give her some space and time to decide if you’re the kind of person she really wants to get emotionally entangled with.

At least she’ll be making the decision with a clear head and not because she’s trying to look for someone to replace her ex-boyfriend or husband.

  1. You’re not just her type

A woman can reject your advances simply because she doesn’t see you as the type of guy she wants to spend time with.

There can be so many reasons why you are not just her type.

Maybe you’re just too nice of a guy and she’s into bad boys. It could be that she doesn’t think you’re financially stable to handle her bills.

Maybe you’re not confident enough or you are not an alpha male.

It is also possible you’re putting on some weight and she’s into guys with a good body.

The list goes on and on but it all boils down to one thing, find out about the kind of guys she’s into and picking the changes required of you to be like them will improve your life.

Then you might actually apply these changes to your life, and not only just because you want her to find you attractive, but because the changes can help you grow as a person.

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But if her desires in a man are of vain things, then I recommend you let her go and find someone that will appreciate you the way you are.

Sometimes ladies are not consciously aware of what they want in a man because their desires are of subconscious nature.

These subconscious requirements are a blueprint that has been laid down from her past experiences as a person.

Digging a little bit into her history will give you an idea of the kind of person she is and the kind of man she wants to be with.

There’s a lot more to be explained when it comes to why people fall in love at first sight which is directly linked to the desires of their subconscious mind.

We will look more into that in later posts.

  1. Don’t want to be friends with you

Not wanting to be friends with you is almost similar to not wanting to date you because you are not her type.

But in this case, it’s a lot different because she doesn’t want to have anything to do with you.

Maybe you have some misconception that there is a chance for both of you can be something more serious but she doesn’t have similar feelings as you do

With you not being her type there’s a possibility that she might change her mind and decide to go out with you.

But when she has made up her mind not to be friends with you then it means that she’s not in the mood to even listen to what you have to offer.

In a situation like this, it is best to leave her alone.

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