I Coach Better than Graham potter of Chelsea F.C: vs Bournemouth F.C Review

From the match against Bournemouth F.C., it has become clear that Chelsea F.C. manager is an average coach and I don’t see him taking the club to the promised land.

In fact, my ability to read the game more than him is proof that this man knows nothing about coaching top-flight clubs.

I see no reason why he was hired in the first place.

My thoughts on Chelsea F.C, the coach and the match against Bournemouth F.C

The savior of that match for Chelsea FC is Zakaria. I don’t know if any of the coaching staff noticed but that player did lots of intervention that made Jorginho look invisible in the midfield.

As a player that is kind of match rusty, I am aware of the reason why he lost steam before the 90-minute mark.

Of course, anyone that is in the midfield with Jorginho will definitely do most of the job and you can rest be assured that it will always remain the same.

Ever wonder why N’golo Kante is returning to injuries after recovering from them?

The years of stress he was made to pass through working with that weak assistant captain remains the cause in my opinion.

If Kante had help over the years, I don’t think this would happen to him now.

Coming back to our wonderful coach, the fact that, after all the intense pressure Bournemouth placed on Chelsea for a good number of minutes, this coach further weakened the team by bringing in Aubameyang.

That was the height of it and I think his backroom staff needs reshuffling.

These guys are clueless.

Caragher that was brought in later could not make any impact.

At that point in time, under pressure, what he needed then were midfielders or defenders that could double as defensive midfielders that would checkmate the onslaught from Bournemouth F.C.

I don’t know what Potter was thinking when he made that change but all I felt was disappointment in this man’s ability to read the game.

All Bournemouth FC wanted to increase the pressure on Chelsea was a goal. This would have further weakened team morale and confidence.

A draw was imminent but the defensive prowess of Silva was up to the task to prevent that from happening.

My thoughts on Aubameyang and his Chelsea FC relationship

Truth be told, I think every time that guy is introduced to the game or starts a game, Chelsea is playing with one man down.

He would not win a 50-50 contest, he can’t win a header, he cannot run, , he cannot win a ball, and most of all, he has gotten everything he needs in football and doesn’t have the zeal or the urge to put effort.

Even if I am wrong, he is old and cannot play as much as he did in his youthful days.

I don’t know what Chelsea’s new owner saw in him. Or maybe he wanted to flex his billions early on after buying the club.

Aubameyang is a big mistake and should be corrected early on. His contract shouldn’t be extended and we should give our young stars an opportunity to shine.

Finally on Graham Potter

That man is an average coach unless I see something new. I am hopeful that we will survive the top four but at the rate other clubs are playing and watching how determined these teams look, there is a need to upgrade our football if we are to play champion’s league football next year.

My heart goes out to James, I hope he recovers soon. I just wonder why he rested all through the world cup and the medical team did not do their job before re-introducing him back to the game.

His absence in the game was felt till the end of the game because substituting him gave Bournemouth F.C the effrontery to advance and attack.






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