The most sensitive people are probably the strongest emotionally

I always thought that sensitivity was a mark of weakness.

I have just discovered while listening to a podcast by Clotilde Dusoulier, that on the contrary, to be sensitive is to show great strength.

Does that surprise you?

Let me explain to you.

Hard to be hypersensitive in our society

I live intensely.

Everything: my joys, my sorrows, my fears, my stresses…

I get upset watching movies and cry easily when I have intense emotion. Even in the office. And, I can tell you, it’s embarrassing.

Unfortunately, I passed on this hypersensitivity to my children.

I say “unfortunately”, because I often have the feeling that it is not a gift: our society does not accept emotions well.

In fact, seeing an emotional reaction is embarrassing because no one knows how to react to other people’s emotions.

We therefore greatly prefer not to be in front of someone who shows an emotion.

 The vocabulary we use says a lot about our relationship to emotions: don’t we say that “emotions overflow”, as if they had to stay in a frame?

So much so that emotional reactions are seen as a lack of self-control or even unprofessionalism.

We are considered weak when we do not know how to “control” our emotions.

Except that, in fact, no one “controls” their emotions because they are not “controllable”…

Emotions are an automatic chemical reaction of our body

Emotions are chemical reactions of our body to external stimuli. They aim to prepare our body for a certain action:

  • disgust prevents us from eating dangerous foods,
  • fear prepares us to flee, …

It is therefore a form of message aimed at making us react.

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What is important to understand is that you cannot avoid emotion when it arises.

Like lightning, it will pass through us without our being able to stop it.

Depending on the emotions, the physiological effects vary from a few seconds to a few minutes.

It turns out that some and some have more sensitive sensors than others. And in their case, the emotions are more frequent and vivid.

The hypersensitive are “high-level athletes of emotion”

When an athlete trains often, he becomes faster or stronger than others.

For the hypersensitive, it’s the same.

Since they are more often confronted with their emotions, they are also more used to feeling and taming them than those who are less sensitive.

They have developed techniques to let go, to recharge their batteries, or to avoid situations that could trigger unpleasant emotional reactions.

Those who are less sensitive have not developed these skills and risk, in the face of a stronger than usual emotion, finding themselves lost.

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